Musical Monday-3


45 thoughts on “Musical Monday-3

      1. Oh yes I like the foot tapping beats uma…I mean of course it couldn’t be tagged as my all time fav..but some fun time it’s okay to listen and dance to the tunes of 🙂

  1. Ahhaa Akshay looks so weird in that hair of his… mmmm… action replay na.. I’ll listen to it after dinner 🙂
    Where are you today… not seen ?

    1. Okies okies…accepted…i didn’t check my pending comments since long 😀 wait a minute..your comments are just a day old…han so no more natak okay ? Approved your comments and told my comment processor that you gonna be a genuine regular commenter over here…so there…no more pending comments,happy ? 🙂

  2. Given my dislike for recent hindi songs (well almost all of them)..I have to say I like this one better actually..

  3. I saw 4 unread items and was worried ki you wrote so much I missed! Dekha toh, u r only posting pics and videos, for once, no complaints 😉

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