A thought

I just reviewed ‘My favourite wife by Tony Parsons’ at the books blog-Bond with Books. Though there are many books which touch your lives and stay with you for a long time if not forever. I would not term this book as ‘forever’ book of mine but I would certainly remember and revisit this thought-a poem actually-which has been presented in the book.

I loved the thought and the meaning behind the words. I did not know about this poet earlier but the book showed me the way to the collection of his poems. Thanks to Internet for that !

Kind of gives you a feeling where in you tell yourself to let go…to set yourself free… not bounding and not making anyone do the same and enjoy the feeling within! I wish we could do this all the time-what a better place world would be to breathe in!!!


25 thoughts on “A thought

  1. Walt Whitman reminds of O Captain, My Captain..
    and you are reading Ladies Coupe..
    I love Elizabeth Ebenezar a lot, and the theory on water… 🙂 think she is the 4 lady after Akhila, Akhilandeshwari ….

  2. Thats so beautifully said. I hope we could follow all these you know. Btw, your comments are missed on my blog :P. Oh, I read the review just now and its good. And now i will be stalking that blog to find out good books :P.

    1. yeah I so wish we could follow it !

      I’ve become a snail these days….crawling slowly slowly and reaching every blog for commenting 😉 though honestly I take a look at the new post immediately and keep it for later read 😀 Sowwwy 😦

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