Check Check 1..2..3…

Okay guys ! Here is an announcement. I’ll be on and off from the blog world…not that I’ll not be posting any more….you shall get the updates on Mondays and Wednesday for sure 😉 since these series are pre-scheduled….[in fact WWs are toh scheduled till Jan 2011 😉 ]yeah yeah…I’m that velli these days,trust me 😛

Okay so being away meaning not posting any meaningful post regularly which is quiet evident from the past few weeks 😳

And like it’s visible errr…invisble-my comments that is 😉 So, I might be reading you all but would not be commenting [sowwy,for being a lurker at times !!!!]….this is specially for those who think that I ignore ONLY their blog and pamper others…wrong ! I’m not biased,trust me 🙂 I’m just being plain lazy sweeties ! What to do? Lethargy has taken over me big time :mrgreen:

So do not be sad and do not leave me [or my blog] just like that…I’m here..hamesha and forever…but won’t  be visible that’s that 🙂 Carry on with me like this for a while,won’t you ?

Oh,why all this ? Well,I’m going away for good people…so nothing to worry or be serious about 🙂 Just make sure you guys don’t have too much fun without me 😈 be good wokay ?

And there is no stipulated time frame for me to come back…in fact you can see me back by the time you’ve read this post and started missing me 😆

❓ what you thought the word announcement means only one thing or what ???? One track mind you all…sheesh 😉

Love you all lovely peeps !! See you around !


36 thoughts on “Check Check 1..2..3…

    1. Ahem! When u dnt comment on people’s blog and they ask u, u know that they luv u so much to track u across blogs no 😉 😉

  1. कोजागिरी सरली ,
    दिवाळीची तयारी ,
    तुपावर भाजलेल्या बेसनाचा वास
    पातळ पोह्यांवर कढीपत्यांचा खेळ ,
    दारात रांगोळी ,
    दिवाळी ची नवीन साडी ,
    ही मुलगी
    मांडीवरच्या संगणकावर
    लिहिते काय ,
    हसते काय ,
    गाणी ऐकते काय……
    तिला विचारलं,
    घर स्वच्छ कधी करायचं ?
    तर म्हणाली
    हे काय ,
    आताच तर मी Recycle Bin
    रिकामं केलं !

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