…that I received today 🙂 Someone has tried to explain the term and the being that is..Of course I’m sure that the noble soul needs to put some more efforts to reach the actual W 😉








78 thoughts on “Forward…

          1. yeah good good you ask her.. that .. how cum you are not on my blog also haan … hain.. huun ..
            and me tooo hmmmmpfff 🙂

            hey nu contacts chalega kya 🙂

  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 9 minutes ago u put this post and i have come and I am still not firsttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt


  2. See, you are not supposed to click or link. You are supposed to wonder. So is PART an acronym of something ?


    P erfect A rt of R osogullas and T iramisu ? PART 1 that is ?


    what ?

  3. ok i can see the pics now .. and first pic OH SO TRUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 🙂 all the ladies coming to your blog are going to get angry with you now 🙂

    part 3 -4 5 again how trueeeeeeeeeeee oh boy you are in for trouble giving away Women secrets now …
    yeh sach main hai kya he he heheeh 🙂

  4. Ya Ya dikh gaya .. but I have a few questions:

    1. If the above is true , then we can subsitute Guys = Evil Mind * Laziness

    And as Gandhiji said Laziness = Evil Mind, Guys = (Evil mind) ^2

    As Evil Mind = root of all Crazy decisions/analysis

    So guys = azy decisions/analysis

    No wonder Jeus said “oh Lord forgive them .. then are men – please note he never mentioned anythig about women 😉

    2. Fine we vary from 45-225 kgs.. but no matter what we’ll still be “chancked” out. We turn green in the presence of “superior materials” – they turn red even vide virtual presence of material whose worth has not been analysed.

    3. Yes the chances decrease – not coz they are tired – but usually like my father who after 35 yyears of marriage admits that had it not been for my mom’s ways he could have never saved money to buy the house of his dreams!

    4. Yes – guys only have one button to turn them on … no wonder even if they see a girl they get turned on and of course since its a singular track often owing to short circuit the switch is never turned off! As for us .. what’s a bit of fun if your man doesn’t know his way around to turn you on 😉 😉

    5. Yes, of course .. that is when u buy jeans … hasn’t the graphist ever mapped a man’s journey to a video game store????

    Sorry Nu.. for this mini post 😉 😉

    1. no no u cant do that.. lets restrict to the POST and what the post says .. its about Woman 🙂 so forget gandhi ji or guys or evil ..

      and no no comments on point 4

      and it takes two minutes to buy a game, generally its done ONLINE 🙂

      ok ok coming back Please restrict to the Post and what it is saying here 🙂
      Nu dont worry i am with you here he he heeh e

      1. Hello evertthing is “related” to the post …. EVERYTHING!

        If there can be anequatio for women and women n men are equal then eqaution for men too right 😉 😉

        And yes .. come Ill introduce u to guys who go crazzzy like a kid in a video store or a mobile store…. phew ask me … all the rants about Iphone 4 .. I can give a presentation on that! 😉 😉

        And I am totally with NuUuuuuuuu .. for I know she’s with me 😀

          1. he he he he he he 🙂 lai aise kaise
            if woman and men are equal then your first reply also goes towards it 🙂 he hehehe

            ok now that I am totally confused i better give up myself 🙂

            1. Aww that’s so sweet of you Bik to give early rather than wait for another set of comments coming your way to convince you how Sag’s analysis is valid !!!!!

              So,now you clearly know that I’m with Sags on this one,right ??

              @Sags: YAY ! *gives high 5*

        1. oooooooooh i am trembling here now .. this is good .. i cant come first on ur blog, always third, make me cry, make me WORRIED also now
          yeh kya ho raha hai

          thats not fair at all 🙂

    2. Mini post ???? WOW Sags, you made me proud today, to know you, of course… 🙂 🙂

      Fantastic tit for tat….esp I liked the 4th one….ha ha ha ha ha ha …LOL !!!! 🙂 🙂

      Men realize things late in life….all these straight and fast ways of living and liking last only till they are young…once they enter the 30s, they suddenly start depending on the wisdom of their better half. 🙂

      And the roaring tiger of the youthful days becomes a purring cat, listening to the words of wisdom of the lady of the house, without whom the house would be a stand-still. 🙂

  5. What? Women start getting accepted at 55 kg? I still need to gain about 12-15 kgs before I gain acceptance? I don’t even get into the range of 45-225 😐 .. * sigh *

    And ROFL! A certain Mr. Mint works for Gap. I should tell him what kind of campaigns his brand is being used for 😛

      1. Sure! I weigh about 87 Lbs.. or around 40 kgs.. I’ve always been thin.. don’t make fun of me :P.. on the other hand.. I am accepting donations and people are welcome to contribute in pounds/kgs 😉

        1. only that much Pepper ? You sure need my extra lbs !!!

          Just let me know what means would you accept the lbs by 😉 [courier,email or whatever :D]

          No,no I guess T was just asking because we all belong to the gang where we are always worried on being on the higher side of the range,right T ?

  6. ROFL 😀 Parts 2 and 3 are the most hilarious. But they are just jokes. I truly believe girls are more hard working and sincere than us. I wish I were half as serious as girls are in my college! And they are smart too but having said that I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to pull their legs 😀 😀

    1. My My look at you Ajju !! I sincerely appreciate the way you’ve accepted and expressed what you feel for female fraternity 🙂 3 claps for you 🙂

      And I know this is all a kind of joke …women can’t be generalized or defined ever 😉

    1. hahaha nice perspective there Smithu 🙂 and not to forget after putting in all these efforts they still need to go ahead with the work to actually DEFINE women 😉


  7. err, i hate to be a buzz-kill here, but i cringe everytime i read some forwards like these…i don’t know, it just doesn’t come out as funny to me 😦 i know it’s supposed to be taken lightly and not seriously, but still, i don’t like these 😦

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