Musical Monday-6

आपकी  नज़रों  ने  समझा , प्यार  के  काबिल  मुझे

दिल  की  ऐ  धड़कन  ठहर  जा , मिल  गयी  मंजिल  मुझे

आपकी  नज़रों  ने  समझा


जी  हमें  मंज़ूर  है , आपका  ये  फैसला

कह  रही  है  हर  नज़र , बंदा  परवर  शुक्रिया

दो  जहां  की  आज  खुशियाँ  हो  गयी  हासिल  मुझे

आपकी  नज़रों  ने  समझा


आपकी  मंजिल  हूँ  मैं  मेरी  मंजिल  आप  हैं

क्यों  मैं  तूफ़ान  से  डरूं  मेरा  साहिल  आप  हैं

कोई  तूफानों  से  कह  दे , मिल  गया  साहिल  मुझे

आपकी  नज़रों  ने  समझा


पड़  गई  दिल  पर  मेरे , आपकी  परछाइयाँ

हर  तरफ  बजने  लगीं  सैकड़ों  शहनाइयां

हंसके  अपनी  ज़िन्दगी  में , कर  लिया  शामिल  मुझे

आपकी  नज़रों  ने  समझा




21 thoughts on “Musical Monday-6

  1. Beautiful song and more beautiful lyrics….but one small thing – the 3rd line of the first and the third stanza are interchanged in the lyrics….check it out. 🙂

    Its a fab song, so dear to the heart. 🙂

  2. I was listening to this song just yesterday Nu and was wondering that these days, if the song is sung by a female singer alone, it has to be an item number or a song on how cool she is. Songs on love are mostly a duet. What’s the problem with a woman expressing her love so gracefully like this? Are we *that* feminists now?

    1. What a co-incidence Divi 🙂 YAY

      Of course not !! we’re not THAT yet 😉 No boundaries in expressing your love any which way 🙂

  3. Lovely song..this is one song I didnt quite like when I’d hear it as a child.. but it grew on me and now I love it! I thought there were some added beats in this version..did nobody else think so? Is it the absolute original one?

    Or perhaps.. its my imagination at work again 😛

    1. Oh is that so ? Even I didn’t about the addition of the beats in the song 😛

      Aha imaginations at work…bring them on…what else are you imagining ??? 😆

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