Ghosts of the past

Some things are best to be forgotten in life. But ironically those are the only things which are hard to bury or erase from your mind. Have you experienced the same problem? For me it’s very common. And coming out of the mind machine is near to impossible at times. I try to divert my thoughts to more positive things and things that would make me happy. But then every time this formula doesn’t work! And that is the time when I hate it the most. Why do I have to reach to that point at all? Why do I have to think about those who have nothing but used me and ditched in life? Specially those whom I called my friends?

My heart aches every time the ghosts from the past pop their heads up and I tend to think do these people even regret for a moment for what they’ve done to me? Do they ever feel guilty, even for a second, in their lives?

But let me tell you these ghosts are scary. Sometimes these are very dominant and refuse to go away by thinking positive or diverting the mind. The best option I thought was to sleep and let the darkness of my eyes gulp them all down. But hey these ghosts are so dear to me, seems like, that they take form of my dreams at times 😦 Don’t these love me too much, eh?

The whole point is I want to erase them forever from my life. I don’t want to revisit the incidences which would give me pain every time. I want to run away from those small patches of my past where I was the one who suffered when I was not even guilty!


And today was yet another day when these ghosts decided to peep in. Is there any tonic to keep them away? Like a tablet for cough and cold? Is there a trick by which I can disguise and let them wander in search of me? Is there any way out? Is there a formula where in friends remain friends to you and not cheat on you? Is there a trick to find the right kind of people in your life who will never stab you left right and centre?


On second thoughts-solution or no solution but writing about this made me go away from them for a while, thank god! Writing does help, doesn’t it? One of my good friends just lost her husband [aged not more than 35-36] and I asked her to do the same. Write about her pain, her good times spent with the husband and I’m sure it will help in healing.


Be it friends or family, cheating or death, sour or lost relationships there is surely going to be pain coming with these. And the ghosts of past do tag along with them and reach you easily, maybe that’s their task! So what am I saying at last, that there is no escape from the past? Oh dear!!! Back to square one? Grrrrr….





39 thoughts on “Ghosts of the past

  1. wow! you write so regularly!! i should take some inspiration and update my blog 😀
    Now, back to the post…
    In my experience, the only times when the ‘ghosts of past’ have haunted me were in those cases where I really did not want to forget that particular nasty past. I still wanted those people to repent for the way they treated me. But then over time I have realised that this was not doing me any good. Wishing they learn their mistakes is making me sad/angry/frustrated. The moment I stopped wishing anything for those people, the ghosts disappeared. They say that one must forgive and forget… I can forgive but not forget. The only thing is even though I cannot forget, and still remember the wrongdoings, they dont bother me at all. hope this helps.. 🙂

    1. Oh this is actually a nice way to shoo ‘them’ away….shall try for sure,Tnx Neha 🙂

      Oh yes I post quiet often 😉 time pass 😀 Now go update your blog 😉

      P.S. I too can’t forget at all ! Sigh !!

  2. Even reading this made me cringe. My entire relationship with my ex falls in this category. Shudder. Thankfully, I’ve healed in the truest sense and the ghosts don’t haunt me the way they did.

    I hope you find the strength to look past the demons that lurk around 🙂

    1. I’m glad you’re out of it ! It’s difficult but when we attain this position nothing like it 🙂

      I hope so buddy that someday even I’m out of it totally 🙂

  3. No let me tell you , the people who do this to us or hurt us DOnt think about it For a Second … and guilt it does not come close to them.. for they had always in there heart which was BLACK to hurt us .. so why would they be guilty that what they do BEST …

    I thought i was strong and could take on anyone, but past is bad it keeps coming and coming and coming …

    I know exactly what you mean..

    I am sorry to hear about yr friend, God bless her my condolensces to her…

    I dont know if my comment has made it worse or better But let me tell you one thing, dont feel for those people please they dont deserve it.. and chillax dont worry this moment will pass..

    Do what i do .. Get drunk and go to sleeeep 🙂 easy

    You take care and be happy best wishes to you and anytime you want to talk me here 🙂


    1. Death – I try to think of all good times with the person. Yes, I do miss my grandparents like hell but I sit and watch old videos, see photos and try to smile at teh good times we hv!
      Sour relationships, cheating – I convince myself I ws better off without them in that case 😉 I get thinking abt other nice relationships and friends and it usually helps 🙂

  4. Past can not be forgotten – that is the sad truth. If you try to bury it, it resurfaces when you are at your weakest and creates havoc. I have found that the best way to deal with issues and nasty truths is to face them, come to terms with them and then relegate them to where they belong – in the past! Otherwise we keep on dwelling on them or bury them until they hit you and tear your guts when you least expect them to. I know its easier said than done – sometimes it takes a life time to do that!

    1. If you try to bury it, it resurfaces when you are at your weakest and creates havoc

      How true is that Ritu !!! Sigh

      You’re right sometimes to make ourselves happy we need to do difficult things too..after all everything has a price 🙂 So a little hard work here too would shoo the ghosts away,hopefully forever 🙂

      Tnx Ritu 🙂

  5. Cherish the moments of love and happiness you spent with them and try to let go of the hurt. I know this is much easier said than done, but that is the only sane advice I can think of right now. Hugs Nu.

  6. Nu! I am off for a few days and I have 6 posts to read. SIX. :O
    Hmm, I guess I understand what you’re saying. All I do is say a lil prayer and thank God for the past being behind me, and for the wonderful present and future 🙂 Usually works.

    1. DI oh why ?? Come back nah !!!!

      hehe you know when you wrote ‘say a little prayer’ I remembered that song and it made me smile 🙂

      That’s right..thank god that the past is behind us and the future seems to be glorious and present is already filled with happiness 🙂

      Come back soon, will you ? 🙂

  7. And what about the past where you have done a mistake…unforgettable…those ghosts r still more unhealthy…you can forgive another person…but forgiving urslf…tricky huh!!!

  8. Hey Hugs dear. 🙂 🙂

    Its always like that for everyone – what we want to forget, keeps popping up in our mind always…, the best solution is not to forget….but to talk about it so much that it becomes a dull memory in the mind. Whatever you want to forget, is stored in the recent memory, that it keeps coming up very often. So, write, talk and share all that u want to forget….the more number of times its out of your system, the better you’ll feel soon. 🙂 🙂

    Take care my dear….just ping me when u need to let off some steam… 😉

    And btw, why am I not in the Friends & Links list below ????? 😦 😦 Sags, you too not there….chk it out…. 😉 😉

    1. I thing you’re right and that’s why I wrote about it…felt better and reading your comment cheered me to the core 🙂 YAY to have such friends… 🙂

      P.S. the blog list is created don’t know when…even before I started reading your girls…so no fighting this festive season okay ?? And anyway I don’t a blog list to visit your blogs 😉 I visit them anyway and the url is by heart ..sacchi God Promise 😛

  9. Oh yes…Ghosts from the past! I have been fighting a few of those too. Writing and talking helps, though it doesn’t get you too many fans. 🙂 Friends are a boon during these times. Blogging is the best medicine! 🙂

  10. Nu – while i dont know what kind of pain u write about – let ritu said…ghosts of the past have to remain in the past.

    If people have caused u pain, and u let them affect u – u are letting them win…once again. Easier said then done i know…Forgive (Become indifferent to them…i dont know the meaning of forgive) and move on…and remember the sun is shining on u right now 😀

  11. I guess there is no one who doesn’t ghosts of past and they do haunt once in a while..what matters is the frequency..with time the ghosts haunt rarely and slowly u know u have moved on.

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