Dispassionate to Passionate

Cooking has never been a favourite activity for me. Okay I’ll put it this way -I’ve been dispassionate about cooking.

In my teenage years when I was at home with parents it never came my way. It was always mum’s job to cook for all of us and some special dishes especially on Sundays and holidays were made by dad. Then I moved into hostels and then job. So, there was never a need to cook whatsoever. [Of course, cooking here means cooking a full meal…Unlike making Maggie or ready-to-eat soups.]

It dawned upon me when I got married. The cooking syndrome was introduced into my life. And then I remembered and realized why mum used to keep telling me, suggesting me and shouting at me for not even paying attention how things were being cooked leave alone trying my hands at that. For this day, she wanted me to know ‘how to’ cook and I never paid attention to her…sorry for that sweetheart mommy 🙂

Okay so what happened when I had to actually cook on the very first day after being shipped to the husband’s home? Don’t even go there. Not that it was a total blunder but…umm okay…God saved me because the wedding was just over and all the people in the family were tired eating heavy food for 3 continuous days. So I was asked to simply make yellow daal, rice, chapattis and some salad to go with. Yeah no sabji, thank god! So this was easy and it went well. In the night I was asked to make khichadi and I was again more than happy. Wow, of course I knew it was an easy task and anyone could cook khichadi for that matter. So there! I made khichadi without adding jeera powder, green chillies,salt and turmeric powder to it. All I mixed was some daal with rice and put it to boil in the cooker. Wasn’t it that easy conceptually?

I still remember when we opened the cooker the ever bland looking khichadi surprised my aunt-in-law and as if she was just waiting for some opportunity to put some blame on me [yeah typical serial types you see] she pointed it to my MIL about it with a weird face and lot of spice in her tone!!! Poor me, I felt so embarrassed and just prayed to God that ‘don’t let these people put the blame on my mom’. Oh, but God *touchwood* was so very kind to me and mom too. MIL pitched in and covered me saying that we use tadka separately on the khichadi so I only told her not to put turmeric powder and the stuff!!!!!!  So so very sweet of her, isn’t it? Later on I picked up the phone whenever I wanted help for cooking some particular sabji or pulav et al. My mom must have never thought that she would have to teach me cooking over the phone 😉 [Thank God for Alexander Graham Bell!! I love you :)]

But those were the days and now is the time. I have grown to love cooking. And now when I look back I remember why dad from all the hotels and meetings came back hungry for home food. He always prefers eating what mom cooks at home rather eating out. And how he used to hate it when on tour because he missed mom made food. Now I understand every bit of it …not only because my mom is a great cook but she cooks with all her love for my father as she did for me and my brother.

Now when I cook for my husband I realize there has to be love added to the recipe and the dish automatically becomes so special. And the reward? The reward is watching him eat blissfully and have a pleasant smile on his face and the admiration in his eyes. That’s my report card for me having A+. And trust me cooking has never been such a happy task. I love cooking for H and now I don’t mind learning new recipes. It’s no more a job for me. It’s a feeling.

Love does that to you, doesn’t it? To feel the feeling you’ve got to be the one to feel it!!!


41 thoughts on “Dispassionate to Passionate

  1. I never liked cooking..it was too much effort for me…cooked 3-4 times at home but I did have an idea of the basic things as I am a foodie. After getting married, thankfully, I haven’t had much trouble till now and even had guests over for lunch 🙂 but doing it on daily basis over a long period of time is tough..my main prob – laziness 🙂

  2. I love cooking, feeding eating, always have 😀
    Your MIL is so sweet to have covered your goof up 🙂

    Reading through your post, I hoped and prayed that you don’t put up some delicious pic, but now, I am drooling like a dog 😛

    I have to make and eat something nice now 😀

    Ps: loved your header

  3. That looks delicious! You are one awesome cook, from the look of that! I am a really bad cook – I cook bceause I have to 😦 And I have the ability to even make a mess of a simple dal – after 10 years of cooking, so you can imagine how bad I am 🙂

        1. Guys – I love baking – but HATE cooking 😦 If cooking just meant mixing a few ingredients and putting it into the oven – I would have loved it 🙂

  4. a) Nice theme and awesome, awesome header!
    b) Please don’t remove Maggi and ready-to-eat soups from the list. Then I’d say I can cook something too 😀
    c) and what is that, Dhokla? Looks awesome! Please send some of it over here 😀 😛

  5. I have a love hate relationship with cooking. It’s never in between. Some days I love doing it and some days I hate entering the kitchen that I would rather starve. I know to make some basic dishes and I stay with that…never experiment 😦

    1. I quote Titaxy. I would also rather cook just to survive than to experiment. There are multi-cuisine restaurants/eating joints for that no? why take the effort! 🙂

  6. Are those dhoklas? They look yummy! You’re right. Cooking is all about passion 🙂

    And your cooking was examined by the in laws during the first few days or your marriage? I would have passed out in fear if I had to go through such a test. Or I would have presented a sandwich and said ‘I knew you guys would love it’ before they had a chance to speak 😉

  7. I love cooking too! 🙂
    And prefer to cook almost everyday, unless I’m late from work or something…
    There is a comfort in the entire process of cooking hot, fresh food… 🙂

  8. 😀 I do not like cooking, I think. Actually I do not have to do much of it, so I guess I will never know! Though I do like baking and all.

    Very sweet of your MIL to cover up for you! I do not like nosey relatives :S

    1. May be that’s why…till the time I was not supposed to cook I never thought whether I liked it or not 🙂

      Yeah very sweet of her,really 🙂

      Same pinch..nosey relatives..duh !

  9. Cooking has been one of my prime interests from a very young age. I used to love learning new recipes and Dad and me were in-charge of weekend cooking 🙂
    This looks delicious Nu. When am I invited huh?
    U r so rt abt the Love part – most important ingredient that is 🙂

    So so sweet of ur MIL 🙂

  10. What a sweet post, Nu! Could find a lot of similar traits. Especially the bit on calling up mom for recipes…LOL. I still do that you know :D.

    And whats that dish you’ve shared it..it looks delicious…is it dhokla??

  11. hey nu…its really a grt feeling when u cook for ur love..and the happy expressions are the reward for us. its so true…loved the way u narrated it…happy cooking and making ur H a happy and healthy man…

  12. i didn;t know ANYTHING when i got married…thank god we dont live in a joint family..but now i have learnt and i must say i do enjoy cooking…and am fairly decent though not consistent…!

    But ur MIL is real sweet. Mine made the customary sweet -which the DIL is supposed to make for me.!! and just called me to hilao the sweet 🙂

    hymmm…good idea for a post 😀

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