Pleasure counting the pleasures :)

God has been very kind to all of us. We just need to look around for little pleasures that he attaches with all the pain he sends our way. I know this is a very old thought and lot of you already believe in it. But the happiness is to rediscover it every time you’re made to face the trouble, like I’ve rediscovered it. I’ve been caught by very heavy cough and it’s so bad that I can’t even speak much. It aggravates if I do. So by the time Diwali mania phased off my cough fever picked up the speed. All the medicines and gharelu upchars are on their toes to heal my throat and now running nose but as they say ‘sardi-khasi’ takes its toll on the person and then only goes away. My quota is not full yet 😦

So, what are the pleasures I’m deriving from this bad bad phase of life? We all know very well how bad it is to suffer from cough and cold. Horrible! But the pleasures [and the respective displeasures] attached with it are these:



I’m mostly off the kitchen taking rest-sweet MIL 🙂 NA
H is extra careful and caring. Awww But that’s that. If you know what I mean!
I love ‘honitus’ and this is the time when I can officially take its dose 🙂 So, with the official doses ‘antibiotic’ dose come in full swing too!
Thank God that blogging is not voice-based 🙂 But hey the talking has to be cut down full time 😦
I’m taking full time rest! And have to postpone movies and shopping 😦
I’ve to eat simple food [read: ‘beemaro’ wala khana] I’ve to stay away from the delicacies 😦
Eating this simple food is helping me bring down my weight which shot up while hogging during Diwali 🙂 NA
I’m enjoying my time blogging, reading, lazing around and have my own time table 🙂 NA
Sometimes there are people you don’t want to meet. Being ill is always a genuine and guilt free reason for no-show in front of these 🙂 NA

Whoa! Not bad nah? The ‘pleasures’ column clearly wins.

And you know making this table reminded me of school days where we had to list 5 differences between two elements or animals or species or whatever. Hail School days!





36 thoughts on “Pleasure counting the pleasures :)

  1. Whoa! Lotz of hidden pleasures there 😉
    Take care sweets and get well soon. Get well-run away u evil cough wala hugs from another cough-cough victim 😉 😉

  2. This is a super cool post… Can’t believe someone can make a post out of that too….
    So another merit of caching cough is, it gives you amazing stuff to write for your blog… 😉
    Get well soon ma’am…. 🙂

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