Page added :)

Isn’t it a good feeling to re-read what you have written or kept away long back? Be it your diary or blog posts or greeting cards you received or even reading the old books. So today I did precisely that- clicked upon my old posts and whoa I realized that it’s been a long long while since I wrote some fictional stories and poems.

An idea popped up in the mind to make a separate page for this section which is termed as ‘Stories and Poems Corner’. You can see it in the right corner of the blog!

To the old readers-there is nothing new in there yet but I promise I’ll try to come up with something nice for you to read soon if not sooner 😉

To the new ones-till the time I’m munching on a plot to put up in my fictional story, bring in that huge cappuccino mug and sit across at the screen and read all that is there in the new section. I’m sure you’ll enjoy if not totally go crazy about my writing: D [weekend fodder for you ;)]






34 thoughts on “Page added :)

      1. I came back to everybodys blog, even yours and this is the proof !!! hmmpph!!! Its you who is not bothered to come over to my place inspite of two posts !!! hhhmmpphh again !!!

        1. what you wrote two posts after coming back ??? Are you serious ? My ‘reader’ is confused I guess…I’m not getting regular updates on many blogs 😦 Got to do something about it dost !!!

          And BTW what if I’m not coming to yours…’ll do tit for tat with me ? 😦 Silly you ! 😈

  1. yup thts true.. its really great to find sumthign written by you, re read it .. and get amazed at the changes in your writings, situations…. etc.. happens with me a lot of time 🙂

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