Rainy Walk

Nothing like welcoming a new day with your arms open. Getting up early is an amazing experience,though a little tough for me, but I’ve always loved it when I do manage to get up early-make it pretty early actually according to my sleeping patterns πŸ™‚

Today was a special morning because it was filled the splashes of wintryΒ rains. We walked under the wide blue sky…oh not just walk- it was an umbrella walk…loved the sound of chirping birds….clear roads with no traffic and honking of the horns…only morning walkers were seen around and the day had just begun !

I had a tee on which it was written that ‘Good things come to those who walk’ ! How true πŸ™‚

I wish every day turns out to be this beautiful for each one of us !

To add to this I updated my status message on FB today like this:

ο»ΏBlissful Morning= RimJhim gire sawan,umbrella walk with hubby,witnessing nature,listening to chirping birds,clear roads,no pollution…wonderful day to begin @ 6 am !

And to that I got lot of responses and most of the ‘likes’…one of those I would want to share here since you too know that ‘creative’…nah ‘highly creative’ person πŸ™‚ The response was this:

you mean you didnt have to worry about the morning milk left on the gas to simmer , while you went on the “Pyaar hua, Ikraar hua”,”mala kahi paus lagat nahiye bua” trip ? (…runs)

Who do you think could get this creative and sweet with ‘her’ words ?



36 thoughts on “Rainy Walk

  1. Walking in the rains is surely a treat… πŸ™‚ The weather these days is simply awesome in our city….

    It’s good that you go for a morning walk regularly… Even I have been planning to do that for a while but alas my morning never begins before 10 only to realize that I might be late for work again… 😦

    1. aww thanks for those wishes Bik πŸ™‚

      well those songs were a ‘comment’ on my FB wall by someone…and you were to guess whose comment was that…hmmmpf…you didn’t read the post properly 😦

  2. walk in rain…u bth enjoyed the day…its really imp for us to live such moments..coz u keep these with u for ur life time….keep enjoying Girl:)

  3. How sweet, Nu.. makes me feel soo wistful… and wish (dreamy-eyed) of… hmmm, I wont let it out here, ok??
    OK .. It’s a blessing to be in the presence of your loved one.. and to top it off with halki si drizzling, tender breeze, slightly ruffled hair and a long walk hand-in-hand.. nothing beats this. You ARE lucky!!

  4. it was sort of raining in Delhi as well – but I prefer the sun to the clounds. So it was rather depressing for me πŸ™‚ But I love my cups of hot coffeee on such days tho!

  5. I get up early everyday! πŸ™‚
    I love early mornings.. they are indeed magical! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    A slight drizzle, a cup of hot steaming coffee, a sweater and a walk – bliss! πŸ™‚

  6. “Dekha kya ?”,
    said the milk
    to the water,
    urgently boiling,
    as Maaji added the tea leaves…..
    Lid on,
    the chai continued
    fretting inside,
    and after a while subsided.

    “Ye aaj kal ke bachche,
    bareesh may ghoomte rehete hai,
    ghar ake ,
    garam garam
    Maaji ka banaya hua chai peete hai,
    aur koi ek ladki
    chamakati aankhein uthaakar
    H ki taraf fadfadaakar
    keheti hai,
    “Chalo, nashte me
    sabudana kichadi banaye ?” …..

    (Maaji just left to pluck flowers from the garden…..)

  7. That is so romantic, Nu! I wish we could do that . But with husband’s sleeping pattern and my little one, my walks are limited to walks with fellow mums from Poohi’s school. *Sobs*

    And who said those words? Shall I go and peak into your FB and check?

    I have missed so many of your posts! I read them on my phone, while I multitask, so I never end up commenting, and then I have a pile of posst, I have not commented on 😦

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