Mere Kitchen Se

Tried making some carrot paranthas since I was bored to eat the same roti and sabji… specially making it all.

Nothing special about the recipe though but they turned out very well and aren’t the pictures looking yummy too ? 😉

P.S. try adding some grated paneer to the mix so that the sweetness of carrot will be moderated.

P.P.S. The other two things in the final picture are 1) Bhutte Ka Kees 2) Aloo Palak



46 thoughts on “Mere Kitchen Se

      1. wow so you cooked ? 🙂

        I’m glad it turned out well…lucky Mint 😉

        Okay okay..a nicer version:

        Wow..aloo palak ??? Mujhe bhej na please ? at least put a picture ? 🙂

  1. Nu, the plate looks great. I would like to try making it. Thank you for sharing the step by step pic. I normally get bored if there is only pic of the final product and a long list of steps to prepare it. This post has been easy to follow.

  2. Did ur tummy say “Yummy” ????? 😛 😛 😛
    I too want this one….na, u make it for me…. 😉 😉

    Ahem…looks like the page template changed color to match the carrot paranthas…. 😛 😉

    More interested in the recipe of that subzi….post that na…. 🙂

    1. oh yes the tummy said yummy 😉 ROFL

      of course I’ll make it for you too,why not!!! Come can make some sambhar for me then 😉

      yeah yeah..tune sahi pehchana..the template has to match the recipe nah 😉

      okies will post the recipe of aloo palak too 🙂

  3. muje bhook lag rhi hai … 🙂 and i stay nearby,, i wont mind droppin by for lunch 😉

    accha accha jokes apart, tell me you mixed the grated carrot with the flour or stufed it , like we do in aloo paratha..?

  4. Droool! Can’t even make it! I am too exhausted from the flu 😦 I wish I could magic those from here to my table for dinner 🙂

    And Nu – love your display picture!

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