Life in a metro!

While talking to Sags sometime back I was reminded,again, of the city I so love-Mumbai. I just can’t express enough about my love for Mumbai. I’ve come across people who really hate the city even while they’re the residents of it since a long time. But me?…no shaking my love for the city ! 🙂

Yesterday was a great weather day here…and we were just thinking of going to some place where we could sit idle and just chill. ‘Togetherness’ time I mean. And while I was thinking as to where shall we be heading, pop came a thought in my mind-Marine Drive! Aha…what a bliss it could have been if..Only if…we would have been in Mumbai yesterday!

I’ve so many times mentioned about my love for this city but I’ll be honest, like every new entrant I also quiet disliked it earlier and then THIS stage came, then THIS and THIS as well.

They say it’s good to let go…but how do you let go a feeling? Love? Not possible…yeah not possible for me in this case, especially !

And even today I’m the same. The love and yearning still remains intact in its place. But life’s like that. When you want to be at some place, especially on a particular day or at some moment, you’re mostly far far away from there. And your heart aches!

So did mine y’day and when today Sags mentioned that she was right there at Marine Drive yesterday and how wonderful it would have been if we could be a company to each other,sigh !

Sharing some pictures taken during my stay in Mumbai…the lovely time that I had…And looking forward to more such lovely moments…Yes I’m hopeful that someday destiny will play a trick and I’ll be pulled back to where I belong 🙂 Height of positive attitude, nah? You’re right 🙂


27 thoughts on “Life in a metro!

    1. technically I was first.. coz I cam ein when the blofg had a weird theme which did not allow me to post!!Hmmmpphp :9 .. so swaru move your butt n let me also sit .. adjust please 😉 😉

  1. What is it with you and Sags? Have you taken it upon yourselves to make me yearn for the city like this?

    My heart belongs to Mumbai. The more I read such posts, the more I am tempted to just pack my bags and move back 😀 Someday I will!

  2. i have loved this city but now i would like ot forget cause had some beautiful moments there which sort of Anyway
    its lovely city remember the first trip when my dad brought us here.. loved it then had 5 or 6 trips in the last two years to this city .. saw a lot of places

    It is a beatuiful place 🙂

  3. Ah, only those who have lived there can understand it. Used to miss Mumbai sooooooo much when I relocated to Bangalore. Bangalore has surely its own charm but Mumbai is always Mumbai – lively, vivacious & buzzing :)!

  4. Oh I so much miss Mumbai and still feel bad about how I had to come back from my fav city… I miss it like anything and even I’m waiting for a magic to happen….

  5. That pic on Sea Link is damn impressive. 🙂 U always get nostalgic abt the place u’ve left, right ??? I feel so much abt Hyd…

    Guess everything is for good.. 🙂

    Nice thots…Marine Drive, here I come… (dont know when) … 😉

    1. It might have happened since you didn’t live there….as I mentioned initially even I disliked the city but later on the fever caught me and today I’m so in love with it 🙂 Time spend karna mangta hai 😉

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