Everyone believes in god in their own way. There is a secret relationship between you and god which only you can decipher and the conversation that you hold with HIM is strictly between the two of you and known to none, right?

I too believe in the almighty and trust him for whatever he has given me till now and what all he has planned for me in future. Yes, I have my ‘why me’ moments too but then I settle down with the fact that he who gives pain also gives the strength to deal with it. And most of you will agree with me here that if you’ve been given pain you’ve been also given different ways to tackle it …only effort you need to put is to choose the right way!

Though the best part is no one has seen god and doesn’t know which form does HE exists in. It’s purely belief that there is some force for sure who manages this prithvilok.

Since I was a kid I’ve believed that Ganesh Jee makes his presence for us human beings in the form of elephants, especially the ones which are seen on the city roads.

The moment I spot an elephant on the road I feel ecstatic and I bow to the huge gigantic figure that I’m crossing by. I believe that HE crosses my way to bless me often and take care of me. I don’t know how true does this stand-that Ganesh Jee takes a form of this animal-but this instils in me a feel good factor and the rest of the time goes smiling all the way !

What are your beliefs ? Do you also bow to the elephant ?


16 thoughts on “HE

  1. Hi Nu, Lord Ganesha is my favourite.I talk to him all the time. Never bowed to an elephant but you may be right, lord Ganesha must be making his appearance in different forms. We never know..
    Me: yeah we never know 🙂

  2. I do bow to a lot of objects but not necessarily out of respect. Sometimes just for the respect of the person who has asked me to bow.
    Me: 🙂 welcome here Titash 🙂

  3. I think I am the odd one out here. I am not very religious in that way. I pray where I feel comfortable, and I don’t have a favourite god or bow to elephants or even when I pass temples..
    Me: which is okay,right? as I said everyone has his/her own beliefs 🙂

  4. Ganpati bappah Moriya…
    Me: Pudhchya warshi lavkar ya 🙂

    I have a small ganpati once given by someone who said they loved me and care for me ..Each day at work i see and i jsut have a small wish before i start the day .. 🙂
    Me: that’s so sweet 🙂


  5. I am with Smitha..not religous. Don’t pray at all. What I beleive in the calming or sometimes even the healing power of the old chants. Those I can’t live without 🙂
    Me: I’m also not very religious or something….but I’ve this belief about elephants 🙂

  6. Such things just help us keep our faith strong!
    Me: I agree !
    I have seen one thing, whenever I am confused about something and need an answer I ask god to help me and I always get a solution, it might be in the form of a piece of spiritual literature I might read, a incident I see or even through a casual conversation. So I believe God finds ways to help us always 🙂
    Me: Your belief is absolutely right Ruchira 🙂

  7. Thatz a sweet thing Nu 🙂
    Me: 🙂
    I believe in a power which shows us the right path and helps us realize when we go wrong and reminds us to be grateful for all that we have and thatz my God! Ofcourse he/she manifests in different forms, but its there in all of us 🙂
    Me: beautiful thought Swar 🙂

  8. I dont bow to elephants, but yes I do believe in God. I have my little conversations with Him whenever I feel the need to.
    Me: that’s sweet 🙂

    But I do get bothered by certain superstitions that get attached in the name of God. I do try to stay away from them while keeping my faith intact. Difficult but possible for sure 🙂
    Me: You’re right and I’m with you on this 🙂

  9. I have reverence for all the things on this planet ..each is a manifestation of the creator. Am not a religeous person but one should be humble when it comes to the creation around us.
    Me: I respect this view Tiku 🙂

  10. Ganesha is my fav God too…and I never miss an opportunity to allow the elephant bless me…I feel childishly happy. 🙂 🙂
    Me: Yeah that’s exactly I wanted to mean above…childishly happy 🙂

    Now, its more of Shirdi Saibaba….sometimes, when I am going somewhere on an imp work and I spot his picture somewhere in any car / auto or anywhere, that job gets done…fantastically…I wonder how it happens, when I was in such a dilemma abt it.
    Me: Aww..touchwood !

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