Wordless Wednesday-42



23 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-42

  1. खबरदार
    जरा हात मारुनी
    खाल तुम्ही पुरणपोळ्या ,
    होईल वर्षाव
    डायबेटीस च्या गोळ्या …….
    माझेच लाडू
    माझ्याच वड्या
    आंघोळीला साखरेचा पाक ,
    पटकन जा
    कोणी यायच्या आत
    अनारसे आणि चिरोटे झाक …..
    रोज बारा अंडी,
    वीस स्लाईस ब्रेड ,
    सोबत अर्धा किलो लोणी ,
    आई ग ,
    वजन काट्यावर चढवत नाहीये
    जरा हात देता का कोणी ?
    Me: ROFL

  2. inspiration eh???
    Me: 👿

    or your weight guard warning before you dug into that sumptuous cold coffeee 😉 😉
    Me: sniff sniff

    But you know what a Rajnikant Mind It would be better! 😛
    Me: I guess you wanted to put more words in this line,eh ? This time again didn’t get your comment 😦

  3. Check your weight and then compare it with mine – You’ll be immensely happy. 🙂 🙂 😉
    Me: Yay,that’s the right spirit actually 😉

    1. Why red roses ???? Love is in the air…the more colder it gets, cuddly romance is certain, hain na Nu ???? 😉 😉 😉
      Me: hahaha.. I like the interpretation 😉

  4. 🙂 i got my eyes on you… is that what the little man is saying …
    Me: may be yes 😀 you never know 😉

    he hehe
    Me: hahaha

    but yeah i got the message I shall keep it in mind…
    Me: Good,Good !

  5. LOL! I need one of that to stop me from eating everything that I come across 🙂
    Me: Joking or what? You don’t need this by any chance 🙂 happy eating 🙂

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