Wordless Wednesday-43


25 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-43

  1. he he heh so why was i not invited for the wedding haaaan …
    Me: Aww…sowwy 😦

    reminds me of the gazal kagaz ki kashti

    kadi dhuup mein apane ghar se nikalanaa
    vo chidiyaa vo bulbul vo titali pakadanaa
    vo gudiyaa kii shaadii mein ladanaa jhagadanaa
    bhulaye nahin Bhool sakta hai koi
    vo chhotii sii raaten vo lambii kahaanii
    Me: Lovely ghazal this..fits here completely 🙂

    Nice one Nu

  2. Reminds me of the song ‘Aaya re khilone wala’ 🙂 🙂
    Nice one Nu 🙂
    Me: Lovely song Swar..

    Am yet to read ur other post 😛 Secured my bronze though 😉
    Me: and you’re still not there 😦

  3. I loved getting my dolls married…and included the entire family into it..
    i remember my nani would make small puris and we (me n my dolllllls) would have a wedding feast.. so much fun…i’d get my mom’s sari’s falls to drape around my doll 😛
    Me: that’s exactly what my niece did…this is the picture from her dolls wedding 😀 Childhood is so much fun !

  4. sat samundar paar se gudiyon ke bazar se achchi si gudiya lana pappa jaldi aa jana
    Me: Awww tussi to senti ka ditta mainu 😀
    🙂 lovely … hugs
    Me: Super tight HUGS tiku 🙂

  5. Aw cute! Do enlighten me on the purpose behind this…
    Me: lol @ enlightenment 😉 this is a wedding organized at our home for my 6 year old niece on her ‘zidd’..we actually had a grand dinner post the shadi 🙂

  6. This is one of the the best WW! They look so00000 cute. 😀 Look at the bride! She’s the cutest on the earth 😀 Oh and what was your role in their shadi, Nu? 😉
    Me: Oh yes the bride looks so pretty Ajju 🙂 and my role was as a guest 😀

    1. Kya Nu? You don’t read her blog! She’d made gulab jamuns for us all 😀
      Me: Hawww..I must have missed the post 😦 reader problem told you 😦

      1. and I’ve fallen in love with the gudia…too bad that aapne shadi kara di uski!!!
        Me: Tere liye hum nayi gudiya le aayenge 😀

      2. hain i missed the gulab jamuns on Tanishka’s blog, no she did not they were spring rolls and that too she ATE ALL OF THEM .. greedy
        Me: thank god Bik you came to my rescue..See Ajju you were unnecessarily making me feel guilty that I missed Tan’s post 😀

        1. Oh wait I hade made gulab jamuns too… Bik you have even commented on that post… Want a proof…. ??

          Me: 😯 whom to believe ?? someone tell did I miss her post or not ?

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