“Guzaarish”? Certainly

After lot of contemplation I went to watch ‘Guzarish’ today and I must say I returned satisfied. Total paisa vasool movie this. Earlier, according to my notions, I was not going to watch this movie whatsoever, not also on television-reason? Simple: Aishwarya Rai and her over acting skills which are appreciated [read: overrated].

But people, this movie, I loved her. I myself don’t believe I’m saying this but I did say it in between the movie to my friend that ‘I love Aish right now for this performance’. I guess she just acted in this movie as opposed to her over acting in several other flicks. And Hrithik? Well, he surely did a fab job-just being in one chair and 4X6 bed all the time. Tough task portrayed so well and carried off amazingly.

I’m surely recommending this movie but then again there is a class of people who would love this kind of a flick.

People who don’t like classics, don’t like crying in the movie or even getting sentimental, people who think this is all waste of time and chulbul pandey or a Govinda latka jhatkas would make them happy-then surely this is not for them !

People who like sentimental drama, who don’t mind if some tears are rolling down their cheeks, who like to drown in the story and feel the same emotions as the actors go through, live the story-then this is for them!

Music is lovely…no actually lyrics are stupendous-meaningful and full of inner feelings. One has to watch the movie to really understand the lyrics and I’m sure it will reach to one’s heart.

Go watch 🙂








14 thoughts on ““Guzaarish”? Certainly

  1. The movie has been getting such mixed reviews that its confusing me 😛
    Me: As told to T above..check the category and then decide..but if at all you decide upon watching please watch it in the theatre 🙂

  2. You the first who says go and watch. Most say its no good decisions decisionssss wht to do . I will take ur word for it then

    Me: YAY me first 😉 lol… I think you must watch it if you belong the latter category !

  3. U knw I’ve been wanting to watch it but the bad reviews put me off. Now I def will 😀

    Me: I hope you’ll like it Nancy… 🙂 let me know

    p.s: Me like header too:-)

    Me: thankiee 🙂 and good to have you here after a long time 🙂 how have you been ?

  4. Ok ma’am 🙂
    Glad u had a nice time 🙂
    Wonder if i can ever like Ash 😛 😛 😛

    Me: I always thought so and the praise is temporary for this movie…I’m back to disliking her 😉

  5. The two categories you have mentioned..i definitely fall in the second category..considering the dreamer and tear vendor machine that i am! but for some reason i did not like the movie. i thought there was a little too much drama, and the ending was not as interesting.. the first half was better..but in the second half, i was wondering when will the movie end..coz every scene looked like the last scene to me..

    Me: LOL @ tear vendor machine 😉 Well,it contains drama but I guess they could not have shortened it any more since it’s already of a smaller length. More trimming would have made the movie abrupt,I feel.

    anyway 🙂 to each his own.. everyone in my family liked the movie, except me! But yea..i LOVED the art direction, costumes, music n lyrics 🙂

    Me: Oh the songs are to die for,truly!

  6. I think I am going to watch this movie! I am a sucker for sentimental movies, with some underlying romantic angle, as long as they don’t become boring! Kites was awful , MNIK was awfuller, so hoping that you hated those too, I will take a chance with this!
    Me: I haven’t watched KITES and found MNIK okay mostly because it has Kajol. I think you’ll like ‘Guzaarish’..even if you don’t like it don’t come running behind me with a stick 😉 go after SLB and the crew 😀

  7. You liked it 🙂 I have been reading so many diverse reviews of it.. Anyway, I am certainly not watching it in the cinemas – will wait for the DVD 🙂

    Me: yes it’s better that you watch on DVD…but I’m sure you’ll like it 🙂

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