Belief in sign of things to come

Superstitions! Do you believe in them?

Like a black cat crossing your way leads to something bad happening to you or breaking of glass is not pious or someone calling you from behind when you’re stepping out of the house shall lower the chances of your work done?

I have seen lot of people knowing more of these than I can barely count on my fingers. These that I’ve mentioned here are maybe the oldest ones that we all have heard. Also, general observation states that old people do believe in these as compared to the younger generations.

Though no one has experimented yet with the superstitions like actually trying to go out and let someone call from behind and check whether the work is done or not. Nothing to prove these, at least not in my knowledge, but we still seem to be following them-willingly, unknowingly and forcibly.

Just day before yesterday when we were returning home from the mall, it was an almost empty road except a biker and us in the car. Few miles ahead of us a black cat crossed our way and of course the biker saw that too. He very interestingly stopped at that very point and waited for us to cross first! Smart huh! The moment we crossed he too followed us 🙂 Me & H smiled and said let’s see- Que Sera Sera! And we reached home intact.

Okay, so I’m not saying that these superstitions are totally rubbish and just a scare in people’s mind. After all whatever has been tagged under the head of ‘superstitions’ must carry some significance which is unknown to us, at least me. All I’m saying is we can’t just stick to these all the time. There will be times when we will have to overlook them and move on.

There is one thing I surely believe in and that is: Whenever something is going to take place in my life-a big event, a small change, a deal, job interviews, movie plans, a holiday, even a luncheon etc… If I brag about it quiet early and get over excited about it-it surely fails! And this has been proven all the time. Hence I consciously keep a low key before I make it public :). Now I don’t know whether to call it a superstition or just being careful or whatever.

But I’ve to admit that of late I’ve created one superstition 😛 I and Smitha play scrabble on FB quiet frequently [?] make that all the time actually 😉

So, whenever I make a bingo or a nice move scoring big points she does ‘oooh’ and the moment she types in this word I’m sure to lose that game! Oh and this has happened now almost umpteen times. Proven record that hence I can safely say that this superstition works.

So what’s your take on superstitions? Do you have any?


21 thoughts on “Belief in sign of things to come

  1. I don’t quite believe in superstitions… Especially the cat one… How can anyone consider cats unlucky… They are the cutest….

    Me: 🙂

    And if it were true that when a cat crosses your then it leads to something bad happening to you then what about those who have a pet cat….???

    Me: true 🙂

    Even I want to have a cat and I hope I have it some day…. But mom…. She says “we already have you in the house to create all the mess”… 😀

    Me: haha @ aunty’s comment 🙂

  2. I don’t believe in any superstition 😦

    Me: as of now me too 🙂

    And I certainly don’t believe that my saying ‘oooh’ has anything to do with your losing 🙂 I just get lucky – once in a while 🙂

    Me: LOL…once in a while ??? 😉

  3. 3rd! 😀

    Me: yes you’re 🙂

    I don’t believe in superstition and I think let them believe who want to believe in it. This may give them peace of mind. But one should be fixated on a particular thing or habit because when it’ll be a big jolt when the myth finally breaks.

    Me: Right you’re 🙂

    And so many posts in so few days, Nu. Give us time to read, please 😀

    Me: since you guys are not posting so much I’m posting on all your behalf 😉

    1. oops! I mean one should not be fixated on ….. See, even my comment got jinxed due to this superstition post 😀 😀

      Me: hahaha Ajju 😀

  4. me either i dont belive in them.. all of them are mostly made by the so called learned people to somehow profit them in the good old days … Now they dont have much relevance..

    Me: hmmmm

    like the CAT one, here in Uk every household has a pet CAT.. I wont be able to get out of the hosue if i beleive in the superstion surrounding them 🙂

    Me: lol

    You are on a roll here .. post after post.. I hope some Baba did not tell you to put so many posts and you win some lottery or something he heheeheh 🙂

    Me: hahaha funny you 😀


  5. i change my superstitions from time to time 😛 mostly i dont believe in them, but as you said – if i make something public too soon, then it doesnt i always maintain low key too…

    Me: that is a must with most of us I guess 🙂

  6. I am not superstituous … but way back in college I used to be when it came to exam days .. I had this shirt which I always wore for my end terms 😉 😉

    Me: yeah I remember you tell me this the other day 🙂

  7. I get very superstitious when it comes to cricket. I dont move and if my dad moves and we lose a wicket I make him sit in the previous position without even loo breaks :P. Its the only time I believe in everything :P.

    Me: lol I’ve heard about this kind of superstition from a lot of people 🙂

  8. We don’ttttt, though we sometimes live by some to make our mothers happy 😛 😛
    like dnt cut ur hair on a Friday etc.. etc.. 😉

    Me: Oh yes my mother told me long time ago girls who have brother sibling should not wash their hair on Mondays 🙂 I don’t know the logic even today but usually I avoid doing that for the sake of mom’s belief 🙂

  9. I don’t believe in superstitions… I think just based on a few coincidences, we come up with superstitions…like when I used to wear a particular t-shirt during World Cup 2003 for all the Australia matches, they would win 😛 But yeah, pure coincidence… 😀

    Me: I think yes..some coincidences make them come under superstitions 😀 So you should have retained that tee..have you ?

  10. Superstitions!! I don’t follow, but I get irritated when people follow them meticulously, like don’t buy oil on a Saturday for fear of Shani! ?? Have you heard of that! or don’t visit a parlour on a Saturday too.. Hello, the only day most of us get to shop and beautify is during a weekend! and if these are to be followed strictly, one needs to have an amazing amount of time on their hands over the week or in the month!

    Me: see na 😀

    The best, in the south, it’s said crow shits on you, you are doomed! at my in-laws, crow shits on you, and you are lucky 🙂 I’m confused, so I believe in the land where I’m in or stay away from trees with crows 😛

    Me: lol poor you…best not to follow either 🙂

  11. I think I kinda believe in superstitions..!!
    At least the ones which are convenient 😛 I won’t go berserk following something.. but if I can, I might just do it! 🙂

    Me: 🙂

  12. I have the boring sneezing belief. Only, my belief is I need to sneeze only in even numbers, and odd might create issues :))
    Oh, and I keep doing that ‘one for sorroe, two for joy’ thing with the mynahs!

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