23 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-44

    1. Grr.. how did this happen? It showed no comments when I opened this post.. 😦

      Me: this happened because of comment moderation for new comers / first timers 😀

  1. मंदिराचे विश्वस्त
    गीतेची शिकवण पाळतात ….
    निष्काम कर्म ,
    निशुल्क पार्किंग ,
    फळाची अपेक्षा नाही
    गाडी कुठेही लावा ……..
    काही वानर लोक
    आपल्या दिल्ली च्या लोकान कडून शिकलेत…
    मोठ्या पाट्या लिहायच्या
    त्यावर बसायचं,
    आपलं लक्ष नाही असा भास्वयचं ,
    आणि मग
    लोक गेली
    नियमाची सफेद पट्टी ओलांडून
    गाड्यांच्या खिडकीतली फळं ओरबाडायची ….

    Me: lol @ dilli chya lokaan kadun shikliye 😉

  2. ROFL Well this guy seems to be oblivious of the sign below. 😀 I love monkey pix .:D

    Me: He is man ka malik..doing what he wishes to not like us humans..following [well most of the times ;)] the sign boards 🙂

  3. is that the guard they have hired to keep an eye on the vehilces 🙂

    Me: oh yes..free ka guard 😉

    but thank god somewhere there is still FREE parking

    Me: come to India..lot of places will be a free park 🙂


  4. heyyy, that board has your blog URL in it ??? did you sponsor that board by any chance ??? and if yes, is that you as the model ??? nice pose !!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Me: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Vimmuuuu

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