In conversation with self

All days are not alike


Sometimes you want to be the kid and do whatever comes to your mind without fearing the outcome.


God is unfair because he created not-so-very-good; illogical and sometimes too much irritable souls around

God can also make mistakes.

But He is god and how can he be wrong?

One day God thought of living as a human being and that was the day he made all these silly mistakes.

But now the repercussions are to be faced by the people who don’t deserve this at all.

Hmmmmm…But that’s why He made plenty of good souls too to compensate.

But again He did a mistake by clubbing them with the bad souls


Now what?

But he paired you with the good soul who keeps you happy and makes life worth living.

But there are times and days when I just can’t take in all that bulls&*t thrown my way by the other people and I don’t even know how to stop all this.

Agreed, but you only said that all days are not alike, so there would be days which would not be hunky- dory but otherwise things are fine with you, aren’t they? Life is beautiful, isn’t it? You have to chose which days you want to remember and cling on to. So God gave you the power of making the choice too!



20 thoughts on “In conversation with self

    1. To actually remember conversations to the self and jot it down, in tranquility is something… going ‘Romantic’ by any chance 😛 😛

      Me: hahaha romantic ?? Need not ‘go romantic’..already am 😉

  1. rightly said … excellent points.. Life is indeed beatuiful , it also depends on us how we make it too, i beleive that if one has a good heart then the whole world is good and every other person is good .. but if one themself is crooked and bad then they meet similar people …

    Me: hmmm

    excellent post .. NU

    Me: thanks !

  2. when i was as a kid… my mom used to tell me.. that there are two people in my head- good n bad.. n they talk.. n i would be so fascinated wondering how my mom knew that! 😛 I love such introspection ‘chats’ with myself 🙂
    just never penned them down.. aren’t the conversations very fast?? I would never be able to keep pace while writing down.. what goes in my head 😀 🙂

    Me: I wrote this post after a day 🙂

  3. Agreed Nu…in sad times, i think of all the good things that have happened and hope that jaise achey din nahi rahey , vaise burey din bhi nahi rahengey and I move on with hope. Life is indeed very beautiful.

    Me: that’s a very sensible thought AH..hold on to that 🙂

  4. That was a nice, calm discussion. My discussions with myself are pretty scary 😉

    Me: Oh to spare you all from the dhoom-dhadaka I posted the calmer version 😉

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