Wordless Wednesday-45


56 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-45

  1. पाउलांवारून
    माणसाच्या मनाबद्दल
    खूप काही समजत ….
    ओल्या. थंड ,
    पण वाहणार्या वाळू पासून दूर
    भक्कमपणे पाय रोवून
    सगळ्यांना सांभाळून घेत
    काही पुढे वाटचाल करतात ;
    त्यांचाच हात धरून,
    लाटांशी खेळत,
    कधी पाण्याचे शिंतोडे,
    कधी सूर्याची किरणे, सांभाळत
    त्यांच्याबरोबर नाजूक हलकी पावले टाकत
    आयुष्यातील आनंद लुटतात ……..
    वळणावरचे माड, वयस्कर लाटा ,
    आणि वाळूतले शिंपले
    गालातल्या गालात हसतात ,
    कधी कधी पाउले
    नुसती नाजूकच नाही,
    छोटी पण असतात ……

  2. Footprints… That little wallpaper on the classroom wall, that story we heard when we asked what it was…. Footprints, of two people she said, and when it was just one set, one was carrying the other … life, hardships, motivation and silent invisible support … all in one little story and picture…

    Suranga, translation… or learning to read and understand Marathi is going to take a really long time! 😛

  3. footprints in a pair … when you were there beside me …

    foorprint in solo synch .. when you were there within me …

    I left a few in front so that you know that the road is known and a few behind so that you know that you know the way back home 😀

  4. There’s something very poetic about footprints in the sand!
    I love making different shapes and figures and watch the waves erase them away!

    Lovely pic 🙂

  5. the snowflakes (or are they just flying dots? :P) on the screen look so magical.. seems like it’s the sun where it is coming from..
    makes the picture even prettier 🙂

  6. Beautiful! The sand looks so pristine and shiny like metal, the footprints permanent yet they are evanescent, waiting to be wiped away by the rising, serene wave. Bliss! Very nice capture, Nu. 🙂

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