“Turning 30”

This is my 400th post !!! YAY

Watched ‘Turning 30’ today and boy was it almost like reading my own mind, eh? Umm… On second thoughts not really 😉

As the title suggests the movie revolves round being 30 and it portrays the ups and downs of it-mostly downs initially. How your family, friends, peers and not to forget the maids react especially when you’re single at that moment. How the number 30 is being made into a monster eating all your patience and peace of mind in life.

Naina [Gul Panag] goes through a phase where in her about-to-marry boy friend leaves her for a rich damsel and there are situations created at workplace where in she is pressurized to quit her job. On top of that her mother is after her to get married to a decent guy-for god’s sake!

The story ends pretty well where in the message is very clearly stated- Being 30 is not a crime. In fact it’s kind of age where in all important things happen to a woman and she should celebrate that. It’s just a number and one should not feel pressurized or look down at oneself. There are situations in life which can arrive at any age like at 20 or a 25 or even 30.

So, be yourself, love yourself and enjoy yourself!

It’s been set up in urban Mumbai and hence I’ve a doubt that it would reach to all the masses. Because, the facts and the way they’re presented are surely not going to click with the so called mango man. But for people like us who can look into the face of certain facts of life without feeling shy or blinking an eye, this movie will reach the brain [but not the heart]

Gul has done a good job-justice to the role that is. She is quiet natural throughout. There are other mini stories, about Gul’s 2 best friends, too going around hand in hand with the main plot of ‘being 30 and single’.

Few punches in between make you laugh for sure and certain things that you can relate to as a woman are highlighted. However, There is nothing new that you’ll find in the movie like we all know how it is to approach 30s…[even if you’re not there you’ve heard it all] like grey hair saga, that marriage has to happen by that time, friends are already having babies and you’re getting late, your biological clock is ticking et al.

I would say it’s an average movie. But for the first time director-Alankrita Srivastava-I think it was a good job done. So sit back at home [if you’ve not already been to the theatre and spent precious bucks on it] order pizza and watch it on a DVD 🙂

P.S. It would be a great fun to watch it while having a pyjama party or a reunion sorts. It’s a fun flick that ways.

P.P.S. It reminded me of the novel that I had read 2 years back- A piece of cake by Swati Kaushal. Quiet resembling .If you’ve not read the book yet go for it too!

P.P.P.S. The movie is certified ‘A’ and you know while I was buying tickets at the PVR counter the guy before issuing me the tickets told me in a stern voice ‘Mam, this is an A certified movie and the people watching it must be above 18. Are you sure you want to buy the tickets?’ I gave him my best WTF look and paid for the tickets..Hah.. Should I be happy that I probably look below 18 [which isn’t true I know] or should I frown?


75 thoughts on ““Turning 30”

  1. So wanted to watch this movie with Ma n tell her that its ok to b single while my friends r popping babies with decent guys … But guess the few scenes I saw on trailor will make her belive that I’m having a bit too much fun 😉 n start the decent guy lecture … Siggggghhh only if she knew 😉

  2. take that as a compliment. I have had so many instances when I seemed underage. Just feel good about it lady 🙂

    30 is the confusing age for women. I will reach it in few years and am already dreading it :-S

  3. congrats NU for the 400th post!!

    Thanks for sharing the review. I like Gul. i’ve got to watch this movie now.

    and hey, ”aapkey skin se aapkey umr ka pata hi nahi chalta”…santoor???

    Always Happy

    1. Don’t feel weird about it Suranga 🙂 It’s good be gracious about what you’re and what you’ve and ironically very few know the art 🙂

      Next film ? Shall be NOKJ 😀

  4. Nu , first cngrts, and second how do u manage to watch the movies so quickly… i m still struggling with one movie. ..anyways thnnx for the review…will surely see it…

  5. That’s a lovely review, Nu 🙂

    I actually look forward to growing older 😦 I used to hate looking younger than my age, and would yearn to look older and mature 🙂

    As for turning 30, I really don’t think it is a big huge deal. It is after all just another age.
    The movie sounds interesting, but knowing me, I will watch it after some years 🙂

    1. thanks Smithu 🙂

      I don’t know whether I like growing older or not but only thing is I want to remain what I’m be it today at 30 tomorrow at 40…one thing that comes in with growing older is ‘nagging’ people 😦 do this or don’t do that types…I guess that’s a package ! sigh !

      why after some years ???

  6. So I have to watch it now. Though I am few years shy of turning 30, but being single with friends married and with babies now, I sure will relate to all of that!

    Thanks for the review 🙂

  7. Nu,
    a good movie
    being called 18

    Wow…what a fun day…p.s. why would u give a WTF look to someone who calls u 18…i would probably marry the person or at least keep him as an ego satisfying pet

    1. My eggjact thoughts Nuttie….isn’t that ticket counter guy precious? He at least deserved some Sharmila Tagore types dimpled smile 😳 , Sadhana type batting eye lashes 🙄 or some pouting like Rakhi Sawant *faints*

    2. WTF look why ? because I know I don’t look below 18 or so and I thought he is making fun of me 😦

      lol @ marrying the person or keeping him as a pet 😉 you’re great 😀

  8. Why do women turn 30?? 😡 worse how do people reach 400 posts? 😥 I think in this Janam I will not be celebrating both…the turning 30 :mrgreen: and any kind of posts which is followed by more than one 0 😥

    Congrats for the milestone and yup I think I will give the movie a miss. I hate such too good to be true movies 😛

    1. why do women turn 30 ?? hahah thought provoking question that 😉

      they reach 400th post by religious writing…huh ! Okay don’t celebrate turning 30 but at least give us some fodder to ponder ..please write !!!

      too good to be true movie…hmmm true that…it’s a fun movie for it’s dialogues and the way things are presented..I think you should catch it 🙂

  9. $))!
    Err that’s how 🙄 I was when I read the number. Well, that is 400 actually 😛 Congrats Nuuuu! And u turned 18 too on ur 400th post day 😉 Wowie 😀 Cnt get better!

  10. Mango Man ???? LOL !!!! 😆

    Ok…will wait for a pyjama party…. 😉 😉

    And congrats on a wonderful milestone in blogging – 400 posts !!! 🙂 But in how many days ???? U seem to be posting 2 posts almost every day…. 😉 😉

  11. yeaa i saw the movie with my girl- friendsss…. lolll i liked it.. like u said one-time watch and they made it a big deal about turning 30…well itss true people get on ur nerves for turning 30 grrrr itss irritating …!! Purab kohlii was hot 😛 …. as he always is 🙂 gul panag has done an amazing job..

    and tht book..m gonna go fetch it…

  12. Wow! 400! Now that is quite an achievement. Good man! I can relate to lmost everything in the post. I turned 30 twos years ago and it hasn’t made any great difference. People expect me to be a little quieter but I am the ususal chatty and noisy self even after 30. Well, what else after turning 30? Nothing much, I suppose. all said and done, it is the individual who decides whether one is 35 or 13.

    Joy always,

    1. thanks PB 🙂

      well well..yes she manages to zero in on a guy to get married but that guy is already there in her life..not that he comes down suddenly 🙂 and babies and all no..that is left for the audience to imagine 😉

  13. Congrats Nu on 400!! That calls for a treat. So when is it? 😀 The movie is rated A!? But no worries, I’ll get the ticket anyway. 😀

  14. LOL @ mango man! 😆 😆
    Seems like a decent movie to watch…

    Did that counter guy really tell you that?? I mean is he blind or something??!!?! 😉

    jus’ kiddin’ sweets!

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