That’s me !

I’ve this bad habit. Habit or no I don’t know but I have this thing in me which sometimes irritates me to no limits. The ‘hyped’ syndrome is what I think it should be called.Any way!

Something which is too much liked by people overall, certainly doesn’t make way to my ‘likes’ list. Like if majority of the people will tell me that so and so movie is a block buster and the sorts I’ll either not watch it or even if I do I’ll not like it that much.Crazy, isn’t it?

Something plays with my psyche, I guess, with so many reviews already in place before I can taste the food or read the book or watch the movie or visit the place.

But, this does not mean that this is the only reason why I don’t like certain things that I don’t like. I’ve my genuine reasons behind not liking or discarding things that others might find oh-so-wonderful.

Recently, I wrote on my FB wall that I want to read a book and asked people to help me chose one from the four options that I had listed from my library and ‘Palace of illusions’ was one of them. You won’t believe all the people to comment on that wall post recommended POI. I was amazed to see that everyone around has read that book and secondly that everyone gave a green signal to it.

Oh the result? I picked up entirely different book but not POI. And to add to that I’ve bought that book almost 6 months back now and haven’t made up my mind yet, to lay my hands on it, can you beat that?

Another example: Aishwarya Rai. I’ve seen people go crazy after her. But I seriously don’t understand what’s there in her which is so outstanding and gives her an edge over other wonderful actresses around? At least I can’t find any such distinguishing factor, sigh! Not that I don’t find her beautiful. She is she is. But what I disagree is people praise her like she is the only beautiful lady spotted on earth!!!

Told you it irritates me sometimes. And it leaves me wondering that why can’t I bring myself to like things that generally everyone around likes? May be I take this thought pretty seriously 😉


Does anything like this happen with you too? Or do you have any such habit or tendency which you think is weird at times or bothers you?


53 thoughts on “That’s me !

  1. If you call yourself weird for that, you can name me too! I never read recommended books (I have the Twilight series, Fountainhead and so many others waiting on my bookshelf!); I either do not or can not watch a highly-recommended movie and even if I do, I will never like it as much! And I too cannot understand the Aishwarya Rai hype! She seems plastic to me!

    Fret not…you have company :))

  2. hmmmmmmmmmmm well one thing for sure i am with u on that aishwarya character , yeah she is good looking but ab itna bhi kya .. and as such she is not that good looking as she used to be getting older now … i think in india we have this habit of hyping everything from sportsmen to actors to products to anything basically …

    and also this views and briefs on movies and all they are dependent on that individul what i like you may not like so its a tricky thing, but hey coming to the point NA i dont think you are weird and as you put there what wrong in it ANYWAY..
    Weird is goood .. in todays age one shud be different else you become one of the crowd 🙂

  3. I’m like that too. Only sometimes though.

    I dint watch DDLJ for a long time cos I wanted everyone to get over the madness first. I dint even see why it was soooo huge and soooo loved by everyone. It was just another romantic movie according to me. And then Aishwarya Rai happened. I still dont like her and think that she cannot act. Shes just a pretty face according to me.

    I agree with one of the comments that said Twilight Series and Fountainhead is still waiting on the shelf. I havent read or seen the movie.

    But like I said, this happens only sometimes with me.

  4. I would say it is the after effects of reading too many blogs and loitering around on FB syndrome 🙄 This leads to an extremely dangerous condition called TrustoPhobia 😥 I suggest you pack up your Laptop and grab the husband and some chocolates till the symptoms subside :mrgreen:

    Ps: Aishwarya Rai sucks in every department *puke* psst psst I hope Ajay didn’t see that 😉

    1. You too!! Hey bhagwan whole world’s conspiring against her. I must do something soon. Ok I am going to make a facebook page dedicated solely to her and I’ll force you all Aish-haters to like it! 😀 😀

  5. I think it is the over hyper that ruins it.. this syndrome happens with me too..
    there is another syndrome where if everybody says e.g. movie is good.. most of the other people get influenced and blindly choose to believe that the movie is awesome.. That happens a lot of time…
    We at least make our opinions and do not follow suit without thinking! 🙂
    Cheers to us 😀

  6. Oh thank god I found someone else who thinks like me! I think it’s the hype. I never ever end up liking something that everyone else does. I don’t understand the hype about Aishwarya Rai and you know I never ever read book or movie reviews – because I know that Ill end up not watching or reading it.Dont worry, u r not alone. I have a hundred such wierd tendencies – enough to do a special blog post on !

  7. Ok, on the book part, 😦 😦 :(..I wish you had picked up POI, Nu!

    And for Aishwarya Rai, Hi5! I find her equally irritating and repelling, if not more 😀

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