Change in name,anyone?

What’s in name? He said before going…and since then it has become a very famous line used frequently. But come to think of it. What’s in name, really?

Especially these days when parents have to name their babies they search so much and everywhere all in terms to christen their baby with a unique name. What’s the purpose? The uniqueness of the name or some other factors, like the ones I’ve heard from my friends and family:

  • The name should start with the letter A so that it will not take a lot of time for the child to appear in the viva voce in college!
  • The name has to be short, sweet and simple to spell and pronounce.
  • The name should start with the letter that the horoscope prescribes-it matters in shaping the child’s future.
  • The name should not be common-in fact something which no one has heard of yet.
  • No thinking or searching required-ditto Madhuri Dixit’s son’s name or Sridevi’s daughter’s name.

And the list can go on and on. Every couple has different priority and factors to depend on while naming their children.

Coming to think of so many constraints while naming the child-what used to happen in old times? I guess earlier, since not very rich resources were available or they were not accessible easily hence may be the very commonest names made way to the households or may be those were the times when people took Shakespeare pretty seriously..hah..who knows 😉

Whatever, the whole point is parents [family] decide what’s going to be their child’s name. Usually, the name is given to the baby shortly after his/her birth and since that time the identification is defined.

Ever wondered what if the child on growing up doesn’t like the name that has been given to him/her? Yes, exactly like what happened in the movie/book ‘The Namesake’.

Have you for instance ever thought that what if your name was something else? Would you want to change your name to something else?

If you ask me I would not want to change my name to anything but honestly when I was in junior school I wanted my name to be Gayatri,Alankrita, Namita,Namrata,Nikita or even Natasha. So what did I do when I wanted my name to be either of the above? I named my dolls by these and was satisfied 🙂

But honestly, I loved my name because even today the fact remains that I’ vent met someone with the same name in all these 30 years. I’m not saying that my name isn’t common but I don’t have any acquaintance by this name till date-never had any in school, not in college and not even at work places. Nowhere and that makes me happy. Also, I like the tone of it… So, yes I won’t change my name but I still heart the names listed above 🙂


49 thoughts on “Change in name,anyone?

  1. 🙂 I somehow always liked my name a bit long when fully written, and strangely enough till college time it was like unique case , there were a lot of VIKRAM around but no Bikramjit … plus as u said it started with a B , my number came pretty fast in college lists.. mostly in the defaulters and the OTHER list 🙂

    but yes indeed what if you dont like your name I guess these days you can go and get it changed to your liking , but yeah what about the CHOTU, or Babloo Or Ramu 🙂 I bet they had a hard time in the olden days when most were named the same name.. and the best type was
    Mr. A senior
    Mr A Junior
    and MR A jr Junior

  2. It took me some time to realize that I am not ‘just’ the name .. but so many other things associated with my name.
    Of course, I liked my name in my childhood because it is associated with Sun.
    Now I do not much care about what ‘name’ people give me.. because I know I am much more beyond my name!

  3. You know, this was the toughest part before we had her 🙂

    We had a lot of criteria. Some names I liked , he disliked, some we knew people who we did not like too much 😦 For others, we found hat another friend jut named their daughter that!

    So we started an excel sheet – yeah, yeah, both of us are geeky and a little mad. So any name that we came across, we would not down in the column with the starting alphabet. Yes, we had 26 columns. And then we started striking off names based on whims and fancies 🙂 Some names like Ishita, Akhita, etc were struck off, because they had ‘shit’ in it 🙂 I did not want to take any chances with school ground bullying 🙂 And we zeroed in her name a day before she was born. Husband was not very happy because it was similar to his, and he did not want people thinking that he wanted her named after him. I convinced him, that we should go with the name – if we like it – so that was it.

    It is now quite a common name, one of my third cousin’s daughter is named that as well – I did not know that but I hope she does not hate it 🙂 I used to hate mine because it was so common when I was growing up 🙂

    1. ha ha ha! *shit* U hv really been careful Smithu 🙂
      Poohikutty does hv a very sweet name 🙂
      We (actually me) already have such excel sheets 😛 Names keep getting added and deleted pretty often

    2. lol Smiths…. the ‘shit’ part 😉 But even I think I’ll be a bit fussy about finalizing the name of my babies.. sigh it’s not easy to single out clothes while will the name thing fall into picture !!! sigh !

  4. Nu.. Nu..I like your name. Natasha, gayatri , nikitha are so common….

    Namesake movie – Gogol ( that is good for a pet name but not official name). Also do u remember bheja fry – CHIRONJI LAAL KHOSLA??? I think we must add SHEELA to the list (of not happy with their names) too.

    Soap operas played an important role in enabling parents to decide their babies’ names till few years ago – there were lot of Yash, Ishaan, Moksh, Ishika, Ishaani, Harsh around…and yes there are a lot of 9-10 year old Hrithiks too.

    1. oh you do like my name? thank you sweetie..of course I heart my name 🙂

      yes now onwards sheela will be added to the commonest names 😉

      You’re right there…soap operas and now Hrithiks and Bipashas 😀

  5. I have been wanting to write on this for so long. Glad you did. I can put my down my perspective here 😛
    When I was born I was named Smriti. We used to live in Rajasthan then and everyone would call me “Samrittti” which my mom HATED. So when we left the city after a few months, she changed my name. Unfortunately to something even more difficult. *sigh*
    Most of the times I am the only person by this name that people meet. And though I have changed 9 schools, I have never come across anyone with my name.. until recently :-/ In my B school I share my name with a junior and a teacher !!!!! And that irks me. I am a little too possessive about my name I guess.

    p.s: Naming the dolls.. I did the same as a kid 🙂

    1. I know the pronunciation bit sucks…why can’t people listen / read properly and then pronounce the right names,sigh !

      Oh dear..someone with the same name around ? Hmm feels a bit bad 😦

  6. I think I have the most common name, and never have I been in any school, college or company without at least 2-3 girls with the same name. Yet, I like it. It’s short and sweet, and thankfully it saves me from any irritating short forms!

  7. Love this topic! 😀
    My friend(a Catholic) was named Rajesh by his granny whereas all his cousins got ‘cooler’ names like Collin, Darryl, etc. He hated his name and spent 15k and got it changed to Allwyn after 10th 😀
    Man I love to tease him by calling him ‘Rajess’ or ‘Raju’ 😛 😛

    1. Oh I love my name very much 🙂 It was only in childhood that I thought I should’ve been named something else 🙂

      Your name is so sweet sounding chica 😀

  8. I have always found my name very common and loved this name Tanishka so it became my blog name…
    I used to scold my parents for choosing such a common name for me…. 😀

  9. Oohh i love the name Tanishka…i quite like my name or at least the thought of changing has never entered my head…it was not so common while i was going up…but for the first time have met someone with the same name in office…grrrrrrr

  10. I might make a little fuss when it comes to naming my baby someday too, i think. One condition I have is that it has to be easy to pronounce so that people don’t say it the way they like it 😛 because I have problems with my name that way…people here find it hard to say, hence say it the way they can, which sometimes bothers me 😀 oh well, but I wouldn’t give up my name for anything

    1. hehee but yes it really sucks when your name is not being pronounced the way it should be..

      and why only name is not tough at all still people here in India pronounce it the way they want to..tod-marod ke 😦

    1. You bet it does Garima 🙂

      Oh and I love your name very much..recently one of my best friends had to name her daughter with the letter G and I had strongly emphasised on Garima 🙂

  11. I like this post. When I’m at home, no one calls me ajay. Mom calls me babua and everyone else rinku. So I have three names and I love them all. 😀 My younger sister, her name is Madhu and she was angry why was she named so because guys at school tease her by calling her Madhu makkhi and she wants to change her name. I want to beat up all those guys.

    1. ‘babua’ how cute 😀 ahem and rinku ? wah wah !!

      hahaha madhu makkhi 😀 it’s okay relax…it’s just fun thing I’m sure…names do take toll on us sometimes when they’re made into some joke or squeaky pet names..but if that all done by friends I think it’s cool,isn’t it ?

  12. I absolutely love my name! Even while growing up, I never hated it even though there were 3-4 other girls by the same name in my school. Even today I have 2 friends who share the same name, but I care not!! 🙂 . Unfortunately my hubby never calls me by my actual name..he has coined all these cute and funny nicknames for me. And even my friends call my by my nickname 😐 .

  13. You know I have always thought that people would soon start naming their children on the gadgets 😛 you know someone will name their son as Ipod & Daughter as Macbook & Galaxy Tab 🙂

  14. I actually didn’t like my name when I was younger. I thought it was weird and more so because no one else had heard a name like that. However, I do remember one of my primary school teachers naming her daughter after me because she loved my name! In the last 10 years or so I have grown to like it and even more so after moving to Australia because I just love the way the Aussies pronounce it…so much so, I forget how to say it the Indian way! 😛

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