A film to watch for its direction, action and screenplay. Actors have done justice to their roles. Not to forget Rani Mukherjee’s performance is screaming time and again in the movie that ‘Guys take me seriously, I’m back’.

As everyone knows what the actual plot is. It’s based on ‘Jessica Lal’s murder case’. I think people who hadn’t followed the case then or don’t remember what exactly happened by the end of it or just don’t know what is it all about-should watch this movie.

There are few more reasons why one should watch the movie:

  • To know what really goes behind the scenes of a crime investigation-when there are big shots involved.
  • To see how victims and/or witnesses falling in the category of middle class and lower middle class are broken down.
  • To realize how the judiciary system works. Our systems are so bleak and lethargic. Not that this is the only movie portraying it all but yet again it refreshes our memory from other films as to how corruption is deep down the throats of our country.
  • To witness yet another debacle of trust and integrity by the people from whom you’ve expectations.
  • To also note how one can lose control over things and can do something wrong even if the intention was not the same-Just to prove one’s power and satisfy one’s ego.
  • To see how the mango man can come together and make a difference-it’s just about feeling it and standing by your conscientious.

It’s heart breaking and disappointing to see how money and power plays the game with our psyche and needs. Few dialogues that present the reality, like:

“मुझे  1 करोड़  और  1 गोली  में  चुन्नने  के  लिए  कहा  गया  था . मुझे  पैसा  नहीं  चाहिए  पर  एक  गोली  भी  नहीं  चाहिए”

“मैंने  70 लाख  लिए  थे  उस पर हाथ  नहीं  उठाने के . उसमे  क्या  है ? सब  खाते हैं ,हमे अपना घर  चलाना  है”

“वोह  किसी  की  भी  बेहेन हो  सकती  थी ,बेटी  हो  सकती  थी ..आपकी  भी”


True. But it clicks us only when it happens to us otherwise our initial reaction is “Yet another murder, yet another case”

I don’t know if this movie entitles to a ‘must watch’ status but one should have a look for its great presentation.


46 thoughts on ““NOKJ”

  1. Totally agree with your points why the movie shud be watched.. This case along with others was indeed very bad showing how everything works in india. I hope and pray every individual sees it and has some sort of awakening and hopefull such mal practises can be stopped.. long process but it may just happen one day .. who knows …

    Whats still making me angry is that there were so many people involved in this case there are still a few who got scott free, such things shud also be stopped and for some reason i do beleive that india shud adopt British system , have a jury and a case shud start from START to FINISH .. let it take a MONTH or TWO .. but it shud be start to finish..
    What do you think…

  2. Hi Nu..what’s Ur name,or what shall i address u as?any ways,nice review.movie is a worth watch definitely and I have seen it.I like the part when vidya balan confronts Rani mukherjee in a scene where she explains that her age is 28 and she has to lead her own life too;she need to get married,she too feels like having kids ,etc etc..It portrays a woman’s helpless state and her heartfelt internal desires.

  3. This movie is right at the top of my list of ‘to watch’ movies.

    I like the concluding line of your post. Such realities strike us only when we experience it. Otherwise it is just another story/news.

    1. @saks: you must watch I’m sure 🙂

      Reply to your P.S.: why mango man? because typing ‘aam admi’ gives me errors on my screen which I don’t like to encounter 😆 stupid reasons I know 😉 Good try to crack a joke by the way 😉

  4. Bang on! ‘Yet another murder, yet another case’!!! Pity but soo true! I wish our judiciary system starts acting fast.. I believe to some extent that justice delayed is justice denied 😦

  5. I really enjoyed this movie. And like you said, I do think everybody should watch it once.. just to get an idea of how mucky politics are and how they manipulate our lives..

  6. i have seen this movie….. the movie shows how a common MAN can be helpless because of the corrupt system…..if one has the power he can just get rid of any thing and every thing….. at the same time…when AAM-AADMi get united for some cause , then nothing is impossible….. 1st part is happening every now n then but the AAM-AAADMi still has to be united for some cause, provided he gets some time from his day to day fight for ROTI-KAPDA AUR MAKAAN

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