‘I need a break’

1.30 pm: one order started and has to reach to the other side of the city by 4 pm for yet another order. Started from home at 9 am and expected to reach back only around 8 pm.

This is a schedule of a woman who works day and night-like this-for a living. I’m talking about the lady who came to my house today to apply henna on my hands. I was generally chatting with her and found out that this lady doesn’t even get time to eat in between the shuffling that she does around the city. She had an assistant with her and they both were so chirpy. Not a single sign of frown on their forehead when they were telling about the tiredness and the hectic routine they have.

Of course they enjoy their work but moreover on being asked that doesn’t she feel hungry or tired by sitting hours and applying henna to n-number of hands in a day she said kya kare didi,karna padta hai. Ab toh adata ho gayi hai. Bhook bhi nahi lagti- this with a smile on her face, sigh!!!

No, I do not pity these ladies or any of them falling in the category of people who have to strive hard to earn ‘roti, kapda aur makan’.  What I found amazing was their spirit. And then I thought of general reactions of people like us-the educated and well placed lot-towards our respective work system.

We also strive hard to go to work and work hard to get those high ratings and good fat pay. But we sit in a/c rooms. We have the luxury to use the Internet, telephone and tea-coffee services whenever we wish to. We don’t have to skip our lunches almost every day in the name of work. We usually have employee activities and picnics and several days like sports and traditional and not to forget events like annual day to cheer us up and basically give us a break. We get weekends off-generally all the time-oh in fact we have a ‘week’ working system. We get all national holidays. We have the luxury to take our assigned leaves in the name of sick and casual et al. Moreover, we can afford to take unpaid leave, at times, which doesn’t put a huge dent in our earnings.

And after all this, we still crib and say that we hate going to work, we dread Mondays and we are ready with this typical line ‘I need a break’ any given time of the day!!

Sigh, the high we reach the higher we want to go. Not bad being ambitious but being expectant doesn’t take us anywhere-most of the times we end up cribbing that things aren’t moving the way we want them to.

Today when I looked at those ladies sitting in front of me I felt blessed and I told myself not to crib because I’m at a much better place and where only few have been placed by Him.

So, stay happy and cheerful. Love what you have. There is nothing wrong in striving to have more but in order to have more we tend to dislike what we have currently. We tend to think this is not enough and hence we want more. I guess this where lays the thin line between richness [of everything] and contentment.

*this is kind of half baked post..is what I feel after reading it now..had written it few days back..don’t know if I have done justice to it but then you are there to add to it nah? 😀 Go ahead !*


21 thoughts on “‘I need a break’

  1. Hmm so very well and nicely put, as they say we shud count our blessings …
    My dad wud always say that we shud see the people who are below us or are not as lucky as we are …

    but I too need a break 🙂

  2. I agree, Nu. It is when we other cheerfully accepting their lives, and living it to the full that we realize how much we complain, even when in comparison, we might be having heavenly lives! Lovely post, dearie!

  3. Even if it’s a half baked post like you say, the last para was like the much needed calorie loaded icing on the cake 😛 Loved this post and yes am a true believer of being happy in what you have even though it would be a bonus to have Johnny Depp at my beck and call :mrgreen:

  4. You know there is only one word for people like these “Respect!!!” I mean if you can learn work ethic these are the people who show 100% dedication to their work. Imagine how these people touch other’s lives; Imagine how she would have made the wedding day for a bride perfect by her work. Somehow in front of people like these I feel the littleness of the work I do 😦

  5. Ahhh…what you said about the people who complain reminds me of a couple of friends of mine here…I love them but geez…every few months they go “I need a holiday!” and mind you, they live at home with parents and have no responsibilities like rent or anything…not even cooking their own meals for work (unlike yours truly who has to work to pay bills and rent and food…) They work in the same kind of job I do and one has even lesser responsibilities and they holiday in places like Europe and Hawaii and the like…and it really annoys me to hear them complain!!! I’m not saying I’m a saint…I complain too…but not every month…maybe by the end of the year! 😛 Amazing story shared there Nu…

  6. I’m enjoying my life already!!! 😀
    Used to crib before, but that was when I used to work et all.
    Now, I’m a happy happy housewife!!! 😀 😀 😀

    Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty! :mrgreen:

  7. I do keep saying I need a break. Guilty. But what to do – I am easily bored of anything. 😛
    That aside, what you have said is so true. We all crib for no reason sometimes 🙂

  8. There is no end to what we want in life. But it is very seldom that we pause and ponder. U (we) just did. And it’s a great start.

  9. So true…I also sit amazed at the lady beautician, who visits homes !!! Its a tedious work, yet they are so smiling towards us and make us feel so good and special, with those beauty treatments. 🙂 Lots to learn from them. 🙂

    Nu, I need a break….how many posts have u published ?????? 😀 😀

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