Suggesting yourself

The power of ‘will’ is not unknown to any of us. Either we have experienced it ourselves or have heard loads of stories about the will power magic.

I always feel surprised to know that it really works-yes even if I’ve experienced it on my own. It’s all in mind after all and we have to push ourselves to come to ‘that’ point where in we feel confident and say ‘we can do it’.

There is a theory in psychology which is called as ‘Auto Suggestion’. It works on you in a very simple manner like telling yourself that ‘this is possible and you’ll do it’. [That’s the best I could put it in lay man’s language].

Like for example if you want to get up early than your daily routine say around 4 am and if it’s going to be a difficult task without the alarm/s and other’s help try ‘auto-suggesting’ ,with concentration, yourself before sleeping-that you gotta get up at 4 am tomorrow and see the magic. Without any alarms ringing you’ll find that you’re awake. [I’m sure many of you must have gone through this already…nothing new in this but for the name of the theory, right?]

But if this is so simple and known to everyone why can’t everyone do what they please to do or wish to do with their lives or targets or whatever? Are there questions in mind?

There is a reason behind it. This is not all. Even if you’re able to open up your eyes at the desired time what’s important is you get up and are out of the bed which is the actual desired outcome of the whole exercise, right? So there lies the gap between opening eyes and getting up. How does one bridge this gap? Yes you’re right. Will power comes into the picture here. It’s the will power within that makes us take that one required step towards achieving the goal.

So this is the gap which makes each one of us lose or win in the exercise of using the will power that all of us have within. That one push separates us from each other.

So next time you think that certain task in impossible try auto-suggesting yourself and use your will power to the fullest..oh and when it works do remember me 😉

An ideal example of strong will power usage :

To know about this personality please click on the image



46 thoughts on “Suggesting yourself

    1. It works, and it works quite… to the will, add a dollop of determination and a tsp of perseverance and if the mixture gives you joy, then everything is set for life any stage 😀
      Good one…

  1. One can achieve a lot with Will, there is also a movie 127 where a hiker got trapped under a boulder and he managed to get out , then the Vertical limit where a person who was scaling a mountain met with an aacident and broke his legs yet maanged to get out after dayssss..

    Its really great to see the HUMAN MACHINE at work when a lot of will and determination is added to it …. especially in dire situation adrenalin is running and we do what we othewise would not imagine doing…

    HAts to to Armstrong for doign it 7 times …

    Excellent positive article nu..

  2. Nu Nu, every Fri night I sleep resolving that I will not wake up early on Sat. But exactly at 9 I am wide awake just like that or from a phone call or nature’s call. 😐
    How can will power be practised in getting up late? Please help 😐

      1. @ CB – Its is! On a weekend for sure! Saturdays should start at 11. 10, if you are planning to go out. But any time before 10 is like before sunrise 😛
        @B – 5.30 is the time you go to sleep silly! 🙄 Kids these days! 😛 😛 😛

  3. Auto Suggestion works ! All through school and univ I used to get upearly to study (ard 4 am) and I have never used an alarm. I just used to tell myself that tmr I need to get up at 4 and right on dot i wld wake up at 4 ! Another thing that works is positive visualization. Try visualizing in your mind what you want to achieve – if you want to loose weight – visualize yourself thinner, if you want to perform better at work – visualize yourself as a top performer.. I used to be scared of making presentations but positive visualization helped me a lot ! People like lance armstrong are sch inspirations !

  4. Its so very true Nu and I’ve experienced the power of telling my mind, what I want to do.

    Our biggest problem is procrastination, hai na !!!

    My eldest one – who loves to sleep late in the mornings, is up by 5.30am, from the day her exams started. She doesnt read much in the mornings…but an un-hurried beginning to the day, really helps.

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