In actual sense-Wordless Wednesday

I request you to please please watch this video..even if it’s not allowed to view it in your offices..make sure you go home and check it out !

I got this from Suranga on FB. It made me cry….literally.What’s your reaction after watching this video ? I would want to know so please share….


34 thoughts on “In actual sense-Wordless Wednesday

  1. How blessed are we and how we dont understand that all !!!

    How these children overcome their disability and do this !!!!

    Totally speechless and of course, the tears are another story…..

    Thanks for sharing this, Nu. 🙂

  2. I have no words . I am crying as all others. Somehow national anthem always brings tears , but this was something else. It is so beautiful. We have such talents in our country, people are so patriotic and passionate about our country, yet we also have such shameless and corrupt people also who loot this country in the name of governing it.
    I never knew you were at this site, otherwise I would have visited you earlier.

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