A Rainbow Day!!

What do you do when the weekend dawns on you and it gets so closer even before you’ve planned something for it? You try to think and then ummm you feel you should do something with your first day of the weekend but since you’ve not planned anything yet you decide to let the time decide what your day is going to look like for a change, yeah?

So I let the day unfold in front of me and finally what it looked like was a wow! A lazy morning followed by a great body massage session which was followed by a nice quick nap which lead to an afternoon flick and from there to the long drive and finally came back home to husband made ‘honey green tea’ and uttapams.

Could I’ve asked for something more than this for the first day of the weekend to begin? Nah! Now what’s for tomorrow I say and then again the planning bit comes to the mind-that no planning actually makes the day worthwhile where you don’t know what’s coming up next-you’re totally in for surprises and do what you wish to at that very moment…even this a good choice isn’t it? 🙂

I wish to call such day as rainbow day. It’s not scheduled but when it shows up it pleases everyone around and freshens up the spirits. A day to look forward to yet again and in the hope of another such day spending the in-between days in glee. Positive, Cheerful and Hopeful-A rainbow day that is!

Wishing you all such Rainbow days in life friends, enjoy and grab every moment of it!

Oh and not to forget that it was all possible because of the husband. I truly owe him a lot for bringing in such days in my life. I recently commented on someone’s blog post that since parents can’t be everywhere with you God made husbands :D. Touchwood for such husbands who are for real and they believe in love and care! I can surely see Swaram, Pinoo, Peppy nod in agreement with me 🙂

P.S. But this doesn’t mean that I’m saying girls who are not married yet can’t have fun! You get my point,right ? 🙂


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