Musical Monday-20 [Tribute]

A tribute to whom? Well, to the people whom I came to know here in blog-o-sphere. Like Swaram,Suranga,IHM,Deviant wave and the likes. They are sensitive towards other’s needs,are socially aware,know how to contribute back to the society,happy to help the needy and are doing their bit in making this world a better place to live in-by blogging,spreading awareness,getting involved in activities,adopting children,teaching et al.

I bow to thee..I have all these things in my mind and I wish from the bottom of my heart to start doing things that I’ve grand plans for…but honestly I haven’t yet done my bit yet and sometimes I feel sad about it…not that I don’t have time or resources to contribute….I do have but may be I fail to prioritise…but these people and their deeds inspire me…so a big thank you from me and the society as well for being what you’re all to all of us 🙂

This song truly reflects what you guys are doing and feel for the people around….so this is for you !!!


25 thoughts on “Musical Monday-20 [Tribute]

  1. YAyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. My favourite SONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG 🙂 and this was the song for next MONDAY in my schedule ahhhhhhhhhh now i have to change it he hehehe

    BEAUTIFUL so true .. jeena issi ka naam hai

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