Too much idealistic,is it?

I don’t know what makes me so soppy about this movie. In general I’m not that kinds and usually like to opt for practical, close to real life and light headed flicks. But this one movie has some kind of magic on me since the day I’ve watched it. And on top of that I can watch it anytime. In fact I do make sure I watch it whenever it is being aired and yes I’ve a DVD with me too.

Why is something I can’t answer… I know it’s over the edge movie, kind of overboard on emotions and idealism and relationships. I know that there are many things portrayed in the movie which certainly don’t happen in real life but yet I’m a great fan of it. No, I don’t regret that but I’m amused with self. I mean I have no explanation for liking that movie out and out especially when a part of me makes fun of me for watching it time and again and…and crying buckets every time!

This time I thought I’ll try to reason with myself as to why and what do I adore in this movie. Here are the reasons that I got:

>I respect the values of a united family and I look forward to instil same in my children.

>I love a house which is full of people in it.

>I believe in institution called marriage.

> I think togetherness is something we should look forward to.

>Relationships are not an easy task but with everyone understanding everyone else it could be made easier.

>Parents are the best thing to happen to us on earth. Especially the first song of the film says it all in super words- Yeh to sach hai ki bhagwan hai…..

>Right values and traditions are the richest gifts parents can gift to their children and they must.

>That united we stand and divided we fall.

>Nothing weighs heavier than a family which prays together, eats together and lives together.

>That even in joint families and idealistic households there could be some misunderstandings but the actual trick is to hold hands during the trial period and let the storm pass by.

>Trust is an important ingredient in any relationship.

>No matter what happens family is what you can fall back on in all your good,bad and ugly times.

Is this the case with you? Do you like some movie or a book or whatever so much so that it is impractical at times?


53 thoughts on “Too much idealistic,is it?

  1. I am unfortunately not a fan of sweeter than sweet movies 😦 Somehow this movie was one of the movies I could not stomach. Everything was so very regressive, I actually wanted to walk off in the middle of the movie.

    I found the roles of women exceedingly regressive.

    1. hahaha…if I tend to think practically I would not be able to relate to this movie at all..but told you my practical self gets switched off automatically 😉

      specially talk about Sonali Bendre’s role..she being a doctor is always around the family functions and picnics…no work no stress doc’s 🙂

  2. There are so many movies that I have watched a lot of times and can still re watch them DDLJ n K2H2 are two such movies and the list is endless…. 😀 I have also watched this movie a lot of times… 🙂

  3. I’m a big sucker for Rajshri movies! 😛
    Loved HAHK! 😀 This is rates 2nd. I didn’t like the others though!
    Their family values and idealistic stuff make for a good watch.
    Probably cos somewhere, you dream of it.

  4. Missed my spot… 😦

    Have never watched this one .. After hum aapke hain kaun did not see any more cause they almost have same stories and same thing ..

    but yeh the values and all I respect cause we lived in a big family joint family all of us together and i loved it …

  5. I didnt liked this movie 🙂 it was such a boring movie and very unrealistic 🙂 But there are other movies which I dont mind to watch every time it airs, like Kal ho na Ho, kuch kuch hota hai….

  6. I dnt watch even the best of movies that I like over and over 😉 And this one was a movie in which I chopped off most of the parts even when I saw it first time 😉 Too much sacrificing types ppl, it seems too much filmy for me 😛 Why can’t they show balanced, moderate personalities in movies! Why extremes always – someone is verryyyyy good or veryyyy bad 😛
    The one thing that I found somewhat real though was Reema Lagoo’s role. That thought about her own sons coming to us is close to life.
    Hugs Nu!

  7. The one Rajashri movie I loved was Nadiya ke Paar and then that idiot Sooraj Bharjatya remade it as HAHK 😡

    We all have our fave movies which others might find ridiculous. 🙄 Unfortunately, I have a long list of such movies :mrgreen:

  8. Ok..Ok..
    cant sweet mouth..point blank I’d say.. I hate the movie! It is a little too sweet for my liking.. Salman Khan was atrocious with his coy smiles… and…
    well.. forget it! And plz dont tell me you like Vivaah also? 😛

    But yea… 🙂 I agree to ALL the points u mentioned. 🙂

  9. Not a big fan of the director’s movies…he’s the same dude that made Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, right? Made me feel sick with the sweetness…so haven’t watched this one but just know it’s not my type. Also because I’m not a fan of the whole joint family thing and think their portrayal is very unrealistic. And unlike you my dear Nu, I don’t like a full house 😀

    Not sure I’ve got a favourite movie that’s ‘impractical’. I do have books though…like the Enid Blyton Faraway series and Wishing Chair series…so impractical and impossible but oh so loveable! 🙂 I can re-read them a zillion times!

  10. I love that song. Each time I hear it, my eyes are all welled up with tears! And that scene when Salman just hugs Sonali at the dining table and cries his heart out. This one scene shows how men can also be so sensitive and vulnerable.

    A few movies that I can watch any time is Jab we met, Andaz apna apna and Rab ne bana do jodi! All these seem to have sheer magic in them.

    1. hey yes JWM is my fav too 🙂 I’ve already watched it so many times 😀
      I know what you mean about Salman crying his heart out in that scene…and specially the way there were no dialogues in that scene..that was touching too 🙂

  11. Guess what ???? I’ve watched this countless times…cried so much, smiled so much – just like you. 🙂 🙂 Love this one movie. 🙂

    And I like ur bullet points tooo much that makes me to watch the movie again…. 🙂 🙂 I too have a DVD…. 😉

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