First it’s us who initiate to close the doors and then when it’s time we wait for someone else to take that initiative and open them for us. Isn’t that funny?

But when you think deep the point is why were we made to close the doors at the first place? That’s when the whole circling of thoughts starts and you’re certainly not left with anyΒ answersΒ but lot of things to wonder and a laundry list of questions….

22 thoughts on “Asamanjas

  1. Hope things are okay Nu…when one door closes, another one opens…whether you have closed it or not…

    Take care…

    And I have one question…what does the post title mean??? Sorry…guessing it’s in Hindi but mine’s not great! :blush:

  2. Nu I know ita difficult and it takes a lot especially for me too but if possible forget and forgive. It takes a bigger person to foegive but life is short let by gones be by gonea. Yes you can say look who is talking to me πŸ™‚
    Listen to your heart …. Take care god bless

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