Often heard…

Often heard people saying: ‘Life is complicated’ OR ‘Life is unfair’ OR ‘My life sucks’

I keep wondering these are surely the moments that make people call life by these names…or I shall say abuse life like this! Life has no adjectives of it’s own. It’s free of these laces and frills. We add adjectives to it according to our convenience and choice. Like sometimes we feel good about life too and then for that moment life for us becomes ‘superb’ OR ‘beautiful’ etc.

Poor Life…takes up anything that human being ‘at that moment’ has to offer, sigh!

Often heard people saying: ‘Things are not falling in place’ in the tone of things are not moving at all types.

I say things are like cats. They fall and on all 4 to protect themselves without fail. When they have to fall they’ll fall.

Often heard people saying: ‘Back to square one’ in the tone of disappointment.

I think being at square one is still not that bad because it’s where you started from and you can seek comfort in the fact that a known quadrant is always better than the unknown one,right?

These are nothing but some nuggets of my own mind which get spilled when I read people’s sad status messages on Face Book. Everyone goes through a high and a low and specially when we hit low we need to tackle it in a much stronger manner than the other state of our mind. I think thinking light and keeping calm should help in those tough times and may be help us see a brighter day yet again ?

I try to tell people things like these and make a mental note of these so that when I’m also in the same state I come back here and read these lines to soothe myself 🙂

After all life is what we make out of it,isn’t it? 🙂


38 thoughts on “Often heard…

  1. I like the back to square one.. Now you know where you heading and can avoid doing the same mistakes 🙂

    and yeah now that you put it that way indeed POOR life has to cope with us and our whimps all the time .. 🙂

  2. Wow you now started moving to being philosophical 😛

    I don’t like being “Back to Sqaure One”, I run and do it race ahead not for casual morning walk 🙂

  3. this si really funny..today in the morning while coming to work, my driver was driving pretty slow, at around 60km and suddenly someone kept honking from behind…i mean constantly. It was on the aundh wala road which is very braod and could be overtaken easily..surprise of all surprise it turned out to be an aged aunty behind the wheels of a maroon santro,,,,,and hold on…she showed my driver and me the middle finger !!!!!

    my driver kept shouting yedi yedi and i was jsut too shocked…so much for life and its opportunities to amke us smile 🙂

    and no ya i am noo intelligent techi, i work at CII, on the 10th floor of the shoppers top building in wakdewadi

  4. and we complain so to speak only when hard times hit!! time to take it easy and chill… life will take it’s course. we follow not lazily but not with pressure either

  5. Back to square one is something that I had also put as my status message but on a happy note…. I was happy to be on the square one 😀
    And yes poor life, takes it all….

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