Why grow up?

Time and again I’m faced with the same set of questions..where do I stand in life ? what are my achievements and what’s my aim ?

these questions will never leave me I guess…these only remind me of the childhood days when kids are not supposed to think about their future or be worried about their career…they are just free birds doing what they want to do and have no unwanted emotions like jealousy,hatred,confusion,competition or anger-like the grown ups possess. They are so pure at heart and at their deeds…

And then they grow up to be one of us and loose all their innocence and purity…we grown ups have all that one should not posses..or at least not execute in life……all the negative feelings and all the burden of life to go on and to strive to survive in this whole wide world !

Sigh !


15 thoughts on “Why grow up?

  1. haanji Nu.. wonders of something called LIFE 🙂

    I know for sure that the child in me is always there cause I see a slide i make sure i take it.. I see i a kit i make sure i make one and fly it ..

    and when i come first on someone blog i am happy and now i am third here I AM still happpyyyyyyyyyyy


  2. Sometimes all it takes is a kid to make a kid out of you. Sometimes it just takes a kids book to find that kid inside. Sometimes it is dancing in the rain and the child comes out.

    The best part is that you come face to face with that child in you at the most unexpected times and the joy that comes with it is amazing 🙂

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