‘The Hungry Tide’-Book Review


Basics of the book
Author Amitav Ghosh
Picture of the Author
ISBN 978-81-7223-613-7
Price [INR] 250/-
Pages 400
Story Line/Main Plot Love, Science & Research  and History
No. of Characters 6 central characters
Tone of writing Excellent English with a touch of poetry
My take on the book
Do I recommend No.
Reasons being > I felt that the books’ tone is so captive that you expect something to come up by the time you reach the end of it but then there is nothing to look forward to. 

>Though the narration is expressive and adds the touch of history about the Royal Bengal Tiger, Sundarbans and the people of Tide country-which is really interesting to know- there is still something missing.

>The plot also revolves round the relationships and that I felt was probably not dealt extensively.

On the other hand >I like the way the history is easily slipped in between the storyline without making it boring or sound like a history book. 

>I really liked the way Amitav writes-his hold on language is so strong that it creates a picture in front of you while you read.

>The characters of the storyline-Piya,Kanai,Fokir,Moyna,Kusum & Nirmal-belong to different world’s of their own and carry different set of beliefs but their roots trace back to the Tide Country. The smoothness with which Amitav has brought them all together is great.


13 thoughts on “‘The Hungry Tide’-Book Review

  1. Oh I have read this book… How I had waited for it to finish… I’m surprised that you could actually write something good about it as well 😀

    haha Tan..these tiny good things made me finish the book 🙂

  2. I am not a fan of history, not unless its woven into the story. You say this one is. But you don’t really recommend it either. So I confused. Not sure I’ll get it.

    that’s exactly what I’m trying to tell..the history woven in the story is kind of a plus for the book but otherwise it fails to reach you and stay with you

  3. I kind of liked the book for the way it plays in your head. Engaging but then I agree that the ending could have been better.

    It does when you’re still reading it but the moment you reach the end it vanishes for the reason that you’re left with noting intriguing

  4. I like your style of reviewing books. 🙂 I tried this book but couldn’t go beyond a few pages. Don’t know why.

    thanks Ajju 🙂 May be the book failed to reach you totally !

  5. i started reading this months ago. but haven’t even finished half he book yet. it puts me to sleep most of the time that i pick up to read it 😦

    I see lot of you agreeing with me on the review…but then it’s still a prize winner book…funny 🙂

  6. I read few pages of this book,then got bored and brought other books.So this book has been set aside.

    seriously I should have done that but ironically read it till the end,sigh!

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