On being asked…

….‘Don’t you sometimes regret that now you are married and moved out of that girl friend-boy friend phase?’

It didn’t take me a minute to reply to that and my answer was NO. I don’t regret for sure. I don’t miss being that carefree dating couple because this is another phase of our relationship and I love it to the fullest. We’ve spent like 10 years of our lives together now and every day brings in a ray of next level of the bonding. So, I look forward to that and what we’ve already enjoyed is intact in our memories. Just because I don’t miss those times doesn’t mean I don’t remember them or never liked being in that phase.

Marriage sure comes with loads of responsibilities and every couple has to go through the drill of adjusting in their new lives with a new status of ‘being married’. But all these adjustments and responsibilities are easier to take up since both of you are together to face the challenges of new life and define it’s new meaning. It is a greater level of commitment and bonding which is awesome.

….’How could you and H be so compatible? I wish I also get a saner husband like yours,sigh’

To this I’ve to tell you the fact that me and H are not at all alike in any sense.If he would want to go to the North I would certainly at that very moment would feel like being in South. He would want to drink something cold and I would prefer something hot at that time. And it’s not that we do it on purpose but it just happens exactly in the same manner between us. Yes, we’re poles apart yet we’re in love with each other and we’re happy together. Having said this, I don’t claim that we’re the couple which never fights or have any arguments going around between us.Oh we do but that’s normal between any relationship,isn’t it?

Like it needs two to tango it needs two to argue too!

Any relationship needs to be worked upon…nothing lives on it’s own. One has to nurture it for best results. It is like a garden…you water it,you care for it and you feed the plants you’ll have a lovely blossoming garden ! But for that you should be ready to put in those efforts of working hard towards the desired result and on top of that the job doesn’t end there. You’ve to be proactive in maintaining the blossoming garden or it will die for sure!

Having said that these efforts surely are required from both partners. And why not,it’s a joint task and both should work hand in hand to taste the fruitful results 🙂

…..‘So you also work towards maintaining your relationship? I mean you too have to do this?’

Why not? We’re not a heaven dropped-god sent miracle couple which would never fight or argue like the one showed in Honeymoon Travels Private Limited movie. 😆

We’rent set on auto-pilot to live our lives happily ever after !!We too have our bickering moments with each other and I believe every couple has. I say it is a kind of break from that lovey-dovey stuff going on 😉

Being into a relationship is like baking a cake. When you’re new at it you need to be very careful as to what all ingredients are being added and how much time the cake is being baked. But once you’re used to the process you need not consult the recipe and you do it on your own and so effortlessly.

So that’s exactly what happens when I say ‘working towards‘ a relationship. The efforts, love, care, compassion and understanding makes it all happen ! That’s my experience 🙂

I don’t regret to be a wife and take up all the responsibilities and those tiny bits of adjustments which come with it. After all that’s what I wanted-to be a WIFE-when I wished I married H because I wanted to move out of the ‘girl friend’ phase,so why would I regret at all ? 🙂




12 thoughts on “On being asked…

  1. Now this sounds like a coffee with karan rapid fire and you score a 10 on 10…. 🙂 You have put all your experience of 10 years into this post so beautiful… 🙂 Words like marriage, Commitment, Responsibilities are really scary for me bu still there was something so sweet about this. Marriage must be like baking cake… Initially you put in hours to prepare the cake but once done you get to enjoy the yummy creamy cake 😀

    oh with the scores I want that coffee hamper too…give give 😉 I’m glad you at least for this while thinking positive about the M-word 🙂

  2. Exactly….every phase in life has got to be enjoyed in its own way, to derive happiness on a large scale. Regretting abt the past is never going to help !! If we have matured in a relationship, its something wonderful. Its not the time to miss those childishness of the young love. Probably we can look up those memories and smile together. 🙂 Sunday subah subah, yeh kya gyaan huyi !!! 🙂 😉

    on the spot Ums 🙂 we think alike 🙂

  3. was it an introspection of sort or did somebody really ask these questions?
    🙂 I for one.. being in the girlfriend-boyfriend phase.. want to move on to the next level NOW.. This post just got my mind fuelled again 🙂

    haha no introspection but an actual account of Q&A 🙂 Good Good…go for that next phase 🙂 good luck !!

  4. Wow… I am curious to know if somebody actually asked you these questions. Why would they? Are you popularly known as the happy-never fighting-perfect couple? People wanted to know how you and H can be so compatible and if you too had to work towards your relationship? 😀 You guys must be really popular! Okay, about your first question. I have a lot to say and that question comes up a lot.. so I’ll just do a post 😀

    Yes this was asked by my cousin sister who is all set to get married…I mean not actually but the groom hunt is on so she is all confused and all that stuff you see 🙂 Oh yes we’re pretty popular amongst my cousins 😉 since they don’t see the bickering which happens behind the curtains 😉 lol..bring on your post..waiting for it 🙂

  5. yea.. I agree with what you are saying here.We moved on from that phase to being married!The hassles of being GF-BF were many!! 😀 😀

    yeah and the perks of being married are SO MANY 😉

  6. True, true, true. All of it. No one is perfect. Neither is any relationship. We all work hard on making who we are and molding our relationships to what we want them to be. That is the simple truth 🙂 Loved reading this 🙂

    Rightly said..no one is perfect nor any relationship 🙂

  7. Aww! That is such a beautiful post! And one I could nod away to 🙂 Just as every other relationship, this one needs work too, and why not? Lovely post, Nu!

    Yes like every other relationship this one needs to be worked upon too 🙂 Glad you liked it and agree 🙂 and hey good to see you back…did you read the post with your tilted neck 😉 😛

  8. loved the baking cake analogy.

    🙂 I must tell you that you’re great at reading..you’ve read so many posts in such a less time and have commented on all of them 🙂 YAY..I’m glad you read me 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Loved this post! So true! 🙂

    People have asked me and OH the very same questions too. And I have felt the exact same way. Our relationship is not magical. The understanding did not happen overnight. And, of course, we bicker too, but there is enough love to not let it become an issue. 🙂

    I don’t ‘regret’ being a wife, as much as I love those sweet moments the OH and I spent before marriage. Those definitely had their own charms, but being a married couple is a beautiful experience too.

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