‘You’ve got to be kidding’-Book Review

Basics of the book
Author Leena Walawalkar
Picture of the Author
ISBN 81-8443-030-2
Price [INR] 145/-
Pages 240
Story Line/Main Plot Spreads through the lives of 6 Indians who are attending ‘London Business School’ and their stint in London and at campus during the course.
No. of Characters 6 leads
Tone of writing Easy going and straight.
My take on the book
The books is for >People who love reading college stuff, dost-yari plots, easy and light storylines and no worries-no tensions plot. 

>Though I did not dislike the book but I won’t push it on anyone or re-read it myself.

Reasons being >It sounds very typical of those college stuff stories which are being panned out these days [like days in IITs and IIMs et al] 

>It’s not that grown up type’s story.

>It has no significant plot or any particular story line other than life of 6 friends in the LBS campus and their quest of landing in a secured job post the course.

On the other hand >The narration is easy flowing. 

>It takes you back to those days when you were struggling between GD-PI preparations and scoring good grades-quiet a ride down the memory lane.

>It has friendship concepts which makes it a nice read like watching the movie ‘Dil Chahata Hai’.


14 thoughts on “‘You’ve got to be kidding’-Book Review

    1. ok Nu….now u need to read a book which i can pick up…i desperately need some recos

      sure sure I’ll try to read and review something which you would want to read 😉 in the meanwhile why don’t you go check the books I read and recommended in 2010? 😉

  1. oh dear, thanks for not pushing it on me….he he he…i am totally busy with a hundred things and there are the books which i am yet to read…. 🙂

    lol Ums 😛

  2. Thanks NU. I think I am going to read it as I think I am going to like it.Hope you are doing well Nu. Take Care – Always Happy

    Go ahead and tell me what do you think about it 🙂 I’m doing well AH thanks for checking in sweetie 🙂

  3. apni college ki tension kam hai. ki ye book bhi padu 😐 thanks for the review. i won’t read the book now 🙂

    hahaha I like that 😉

  4. I see that you are reading a lot nowadays. I envy you!!

    You see me reading so much cause I’m totally velli these days 😉 unlike you busy people around 🙂

  5. this one seems an easy book to read! 🙂 Nice template Nu and I enjoy your book reviews! 🙂

    Yeah this ones light and easy and quick too 🙂 Tnx Pix 🙂

  6. my kind of book then yaari dosti 🙂 hmmm niceeeeee

    you know I just thought that you would like it..there is this character in the book called Vicky..totally feels like it’s you B 🙂

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