He asked-‘what’s in a name?’

No one has escaped this tradition. Every name has touched it and at times it really sounds cool but most of the times it’s weird and especially when you’ve outgrown your age of being called by that very name!

We all are a part of it and we tend to shorten the names to put more love in it and give the person more cosy feeling or may be spare the tongue in pronouncing the entire name or writing/typing it 🙂

Ever wondered why do we have/give pet names ? What’s the reason behind your pet name? Or you calling your friends/siblings by that very pet name?

If you really think..the first thing comes to the mind when mentioned ‘pet-name’ is a pet’s name..isn’t it? Then why our shortened names or home names are called as pet names too? Try putting ‘pet name’ in the search engine bar and you’re sure to get links for any gender,origin and animal pet names 😛

And agree or not most of the times the pet name is quiet funny..if not initally when the person grows up it really sounds funny on him/her. Because by the time the person has grown up the family / friends are so used to calling that person with that very pet name that they can’t switch back to the original name-which is so fondly selected and given to the infant.

My cousin sister’s name is Yashashree…isn’t it a nice name with a nice meaning to it? I,in these 30 years, haven’t heard anyone of the family members calling her by this name but her pet name Rani [a typical pet name for a girl in Maharashtrian households]…to add to it..hers is a love marriage and hence her in-laws knew her quiet well before she tied the knot…so that family too calls her by the pet name even today and that’s how she is called any where and everywhere ! Her original names has just left for the use of official occasions and documentations,sigh!

Talking about typical Marathi pet names which are making way to the households since ages…Balu, Rani, Raju,Bandu,Baabi et al…..I honestly find them funny.

Few real life examples:

Someone’s uncle who is now in his 40s is still being called Bunti or a Babloo. Imagine calling a man of 40 Babloo Uncle !!!

Two brothers have pet names like Johnny & Jimmy. And these guys when got married their wives strictly announced that they should be called by their real names and not by these pet names which really sound like a pet name 😛 But many thanks to the wives…slowly but steadily the real names are taking place and these pet names are vanishing !

And think about this one: A 6 months young boy today is called Munnu.Okay agreed with love and all that…but what when he grows up and has kids and nieces and nephews himself? He would be called like Munnu Chacha ? How will that sound ? 😛

I still feel sensible shortening of the original name is still okay but giving a pet name which would not suit the personality few years down the line or which sounds funny even while the person is in a kid-stage should not be done. Why not call the baby with his/her original-official name right from the start?

Now coming to the other segment of people who give pet names to each other-yes you guessed it right..the lovers ! It’s very common to come across pet names like Pucchu,Honey,Sweetie,Sugar plum, Cheese cake et al in this type of relationship.

I think this is still fine since these are the names used only in privacy and within the closed doors [is what I’m thinking ;)]. But even some of these are weird,aren’t they? All in the name of love, you see 😉

So, what’s your view about ‘pet-names’?


21 thoughts on “He asked-‘what’s in a name?’

  1. I know! Our pet names are those that we love to hate when we are young, and I think as we grow older, we start liking them more – atleast that’s how it happened to me 🙂 Now I relish it when someone calls me with my pet name. Probably because very few people use it now. But yes, all those Babloo uncles and Bachu uncles are sure funny 🙂 And yes, we do not even know the ‘real’ names of some of our cousins 🙂

    🙂 🙂

  2. Nu I was thinking of writing a post on the same topic. How strange! 🙂 What’s in a name? I’d say so much. It sounds funny when a grown-up person is called his pet name. Luckily I have no such pet name. 😀

    But you’re called Ajju by me 😉 What if it sticks even when you’re 75 ? 😉 any way…write your post too..would love to read what you’ve to say about this 🙂

  3. I think pet names were more common in the times when parents took their time coming up with official names. At least that was the case with my pet name. I was called by that name till my parents agreed on my official name. And now that very very few people call me by that name, I love it. It was not too bad to begin with anyway. 🙂

    well yes this is one of the reasons why pet names were being coined but few examples that I’ve mentioned are recent ones..the pet name tradition is still on even if the baby is named officially…specially the grand parents,uncle-aunts do the honours of coining the pet name 🙂

    I see less and less kids have a pet name these days.

    yeah that’s true…parents are wisely picking names for their kids and are sticking to calling them by the official names only 🙂 I think that helps !

  4. We don’t have a Munna uncle but my sis in law has a 60 yr old aunty who is still called by the pet name of munni ! (ahem!!). You think Marathi pet names are funny – You should see some Punjabi ones – 3 brothers and their pet names are honey, bunny and sunny, another guy called Puppi (huh!!), then we have hoards of sonu, monu ,bubbly, sweety etc etc .

    Munni Aunty ? 😉 OMG ! yeah there are loads of funny pet names topping the list 🙂

    I Personally don’t mind pet names provided the person doesn’t mind being called by that name ! I don’t have a pet name but Ruchira is often shortened to Ruchi and I hate being called that! My friends started calling me Ruch and now it’s stuck! Everybody close to me calls me that and I sort of like it ! 🙂

    So Ruch it is ya? 🙂

  5. Sigh!! Already the name I have is a short one and people have shortened it even further!!
    And for Pixie – its gone on and become Pix!-

    but that’s cool,isn’t it?

    And in school – had various names from Soda (for the specs) to Steam (don’t ask!)

    soda understandable 😉 but steam?? tell tell 🙂 were you kind of short tempered ?

    And my maama (ma’s bro) is called Pappi!!! and he is 40-ish with 2 kids! :mrgreen:

    OMG 😛

    Dad’s youngest bro’s name too has been shortened so badly, that my cousin bro doesn’t like it one bit!!

    sigh !!

  6. I don’t like pet names… and I made it a point to ask people not to use them once I passed out of class X 🙂

    that’s nice and lucky that people followed what you said 🙂

  7. ha ha ha….laughed so much at Tommy the uncle… 😀 😀 U know, I have a patti (grandmother), who is a very far relative and she should be abt 75 yrs now. And she is called Baby Patti !!!! 😉 😀 😀 I still dont know her real name….

    see that’s exactly what I mean….when the person outgrows his/her age the pet name of childhood doesn’t sound any cute !

    I am wondering to the nature of this post…he he he…. :mrgreen:

    by the way don’t you wonder too much 😛 chill babes 😉 😉

  8. Luckily I never had any pet names like that…my real name was just shortened by people close to me and that was perfectly fine…close friends still call me by different shortened versions of my name…

    same like me 🙂

  9. he he he enjoyed this one.. yes pet names are funny The first she dog we had at home we names her BANTO 🙂 he he he imagine a crowded places and me saying BANTO aaja , lets go home now in punjab so many women have there names as BANTO … 🙂 no wonder everyone looked at me suspiciously …

    hahahah that’s super funny 😉

    My name has changed and i got to many now though none are funny, bik, bikky, biku, b, Mann etc etc etc.. But the best is My best friend his surname is DuGalla and we call him DO GALLAN 🙂 Do-TWO and GALLAN is punjabi word for the word ABUSE 🙂

    oh haha lol

    he he he enow funny he has kids and we say that to him ..

  10. i dont know if i had any pet names that stuck. only my dad used to call me various names now and then, but other than that relatives/friends only use shortened version of my name and i am fine that way.

    shortened version is still fine if that’s sensible,right? 🙂

  11. I agree with all you’ve said. I really dont get why a pet name should be completely different from the real one.One of my mom’s colleague’s kids are named Anitha and Tara. Anitha is called Devi at home and Tara is called Divya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh having different pet names than the real ones is totally unexplained to me as well 🙂 A person named Bharat being called as Sanju at home leaves me clueless 🙂

  12. I like pet names. I don’t mind being called by my pet names by ppl as old as me or older. While I am not too fussed about kids calling me didi and all, I won’t want them to call me by my pet name. Simply coz I am not their pet 😛

    Oh I like pet names too but decent ones you see 😉 I agree with you logic Rays 🙂

  13. All along while growing up, I was known as ‘Traas’ .. (Marathi for trouble, suppose you know).. Nothing I did could change that 😛 .. Doesn’t make me too happy.. but never mind 😛

    oh is it? Trass? haha like that 😉 I might as well start calling you that now 😛

  14. pet names…:( everyone calls me by my pet name….nobody knws my real name except fpr my frds :(((( sometimess itss really irritating wen ppl think tht my pet name is my real name

    aww baby happens 😛

  15. I have blogged about it! mainly about ppl shortening the original name..and they shorten my name too! to Neh, or mere Nnnnn!! or even Nehu sometimes!

    shortening an already short name is quiet illogical isn’t it?

    by the way, I had a pet name too..it’s Neti..nobody addresses me by that name anymore..Neha is simple enough anyway!

    Oh is it? What does Neti mean?

  16. lol at tommy the uncle… 😀 I did not have any pet name as such but i always wanted to have one…

    So now tell us which pet name do you want and we will call you by that 🙂 By the way TAN is given by me to you 🙂

  17. tottttallly tottttalllly agree to this! from experience i’d say bengalies(me) and malyalees(him) have this tendency of keeping very very embarrassing names 😐 🙂
    o n pet names..ok! how abt embarrassing ‘actual’ names. A friend of mine is called Ripple 😛 And another someone i knew was called Condemma 😀

    oh yes funny actual names are not to be forgotten too 😉 what? condemma ? 😛

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