Wordless Wednesday-58


16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-58

  1. ugh!! its the ugliest crab I have ever seen! but, nicely taken! 😀
    Ohh..ugliest ? 😦 but it was a good baby to let me capture it’s pic 🙂

  2. Me luvs 😀 Where is Meira! Am sooo missing her here 😦
    what’s Meira got to do with this crab ?? tell tell 😛

    1. Meira and I don’t like these creepy crawly thingies!! 😀
      Scares us no 😦
      oh accha…hmm that’s why may be Meira is far far away 😉

  3. Where is this crab stuck? Is it not supposed to be in water? Or crabs live on land too? 😉 (My bad G.K. Sorry 😉 )
    of course they can crawl on land..don’t they crawl on sand? 😛

  4. This reminds people eat them tooo (YUCK!! HOW do they manage to eat creepy crawly things? )
    don’t know how people manage but my guess is when they’re eating it the stuff is not crawling 😉

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