Child Sexual Abuse Awareness-April 2011

What is CSA ? Im quoting it from their blog itself:

About CSA

Child Sexual Abuse is a topic which is rarely discussed in India thanks to the social stigma and cultural taboos associated with it. Nonetheless, research does show that over 53 per cent of our children, across SECs, geographical locations and age groups report some degree of sexual abuse.

The CSAAM April 2011 is an effort by a group of bloggers, both parents and non parents, to bring this topic to the fore, to generate discussion and awareness and remove the shroud of silence that covers it.

I have to say that I totally appreciate the initiative taken by these bloggers and if there is any which way you can contribute please head right away to their blog. You can also visit their Face Book page which is here.

Join hands and help children stay safe and grow in healthy environment !!



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