Even she knows…

Was talking to my maid this morning and she was telling me some tales from here and there like always. What caught my attention was she was talking about a guy who has asked his widow mother to look out for some other place to live or go to live with his sister [who is married] and make the necessary arrangements to assign their house in his name-legally.

Yes this is certainly a HAWW situation where in we would all think ‘what an insensitive guy’ ! But what was more interesting in our conversation was the maid herself said ‘..and people still crave for a boy..who says boys stick with you? Girls are always better and they connect to you so well and they’re your real companions whatever situation it is…’

She went on praising girl child and said it’s disgusting how people are biased towards a male child !Also,the next part of her speech was what really bowled me ! She said ..‘anyway why should any one even expect from any child of their own? One should just do their duties and let the children be when they grow up..if they still support by will-your good luck..if they don’t you shouldn’t feel bad…that’s how life is these days…even children can’t totally belong to you..’

And I was stunned…speechless ! How wise and clear thinking..even we so called educated people can’t think this straight at times and are biased for things which should not matter even a bit! Yes..even she knows how to look for right and ignore the wrong !!!

Such is life,I say!!!


16 thoughts on “Even she knows…

  1. SO true , I do feel that why do we give si much , for example why is that after the death of a parent the property or money goes to the Children, Wheras while they are alive the chidlren dont do anything for the parents..

    I think parents shud get them or cater for there studies and all and once the child is 18-19 it shud be Off you go and make your own living with a bit of help from parents and Thats it .. soon the kids will come to there senses .. 🙂

  2. That she is – WISE !!! Today’s scenario have pushed women into understanding the right thing. If every one starts following it, then we’ll see a huge % increase in girls, in our next census.

  3. very wise woman! that goes on to show education and wisdom are too different things.Then again literacy and education are two different things

    spot on Reema!

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