She and Him-Taking the chance!

Before I leave this world I want to tell you the truth…I want to talk about it in detail…What exactly went in my mind…why it all happened the way it did and why we are what we are today…I want to discuss. I want to spell it out in front of you all this while all that I’ve been talking to self in my heart!

I know it won’t make much sense now, today. I know it might hurt you knowing what went wrong and how then…I know you might not even want to talk to me ever again…but yet I want to talk truth, nothing but the truth!

You may ask why now. There is only one answer to that-I want to feel the relief. I want to lessen the burden which I’m carrying since long. I want to set myself free from the guilt that has been pinching my heart…I want to cry out loud instead of crying behind the doors…I want you to know why it all happened and then there is this tiny hope that it might not occur as a mistake as I’ve been thinking it to be…it might be just the right thing anyone could have done in that place..Or you might just forget and let it go instead of holding grudges against me!

Whatever the end result…I want to take this chance! Yes, I want to!


15 thoughts on “She and Him-Taking the chance!

  1. Well I would say yes get it out mistake or not whats done is done or happened so it would be good idea to get it out. Things have changed situation has changed.
    You take care and god bless.

    I like the way you think B 🙂

  2. Iyooo you want me to flex my teeny weeny muscles to set things right?? 🙄 I hope to dear Johnny Depp that this is just your attempt to write fiction 🙂

    just what I wish to have…an intelligent cracking friend..and here you are 🙂

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