Speak Up

I don’t understand why people chose to stay silent when something goes wrong in their heads regarding other person. In any relationship there bound to be differences and some fights here and there but what I’d rather people tell on your face that this is what I disliked or this is what I don’t want you to do in future or you and me and not meant to be friends so let’s call it quits.

I know this might not be that simple for lot of people out there but by keeping silence and withdrawing without letting the other person know what actually went wrong makes it all the more difficult and I also feel that it erases the chances of coming together once again in future,if at all there could by any chance that is! It hurts the other person but I guess it also hurts the one who chooses to keep mum on the matter,too!

Talk it out and clear it-it not only helps to clear your mind with the clutter of thoughts but it might also result in clearing the misconceptions between people involved.

At least for the old time’s sake I think one should consider speaking up and letting the curtain raise instead of hiding behind it and most probably sulking and cribbing about what happened !!!

We here in so many Bollywood flicks that the time doesn’t come again to you. There is a lot in our hearts to say to people around us and we keep putting it on some other day to tell people how much we care / love. Likewise, it’s definitely a good strategy to say it out then and there and let the fire extinguish.

I would certainly want any such chapter of my life to close tidily and move ahead in life with no regrets and clean heart…so that few years down the line when I meet the person I’ll be in a condition to smile at him/her if not sit and chat!!!!


9 thoughts on “Speak Up

  1. Couldn’t agree more. When I tell this to my friends or relatives, they either say “You have guts.” or “You’re too rude.” I’d rather use the word “Frank”.

    I cannot agree more on the word ‘frank’ 🙂

    In fact, I’ve proved to myself time and again that talking it out not just solves the situation, it builds a relation too: sometimes you lose a friend (to get another one) or get more closer to a friend you just were frank to.This is a great piece of advice! 🙂

    cool that 🙂 HUGS

  2. I agree with u Nu….but I’ve been pushed to a corner, to not tell my mind out, on many occasions and I feel terrible and angry with myself. I let the love rule over me….its wrong….but I did it.

    yes this happens to me too and that’s when I feel frustrated but I guess there are moments and relationships where in you have to give in to the social pressures…but generally where in you can say it out you should not bottle up! HUGS

  3. So u are going to speak out about me giving chirpy more attention than you :P…can’t help no…mera wala chirpy hai na.

    yes yes and I think I’ve been doing that all over the places….hmmpf…*stamping the foot*

  4. Its important to speak up and sort out things but there have been times when even I have decided to vanish without uttering a word… I know it was wrong but it seemed apt to me then….

    may be it seems apt at that time but in the long run it really doesn’t help either side! So it’s always better to say it out..may be after a while but better to say than be sorry later 🙂

  5. U know I feel very irritated and uneasy till I have spoken to the other person and sorted things out – I dont think its being rude. Infact when you talk things out you save yourself the poison of keeping a grudge or complaint inside you for a long time !

    exactly my point Ruchira 🙂

  6. Oh God! I bottle stuff … within close relationships. Bad and harmful, but I do. I have no problem being forthright with people I dont love. Weird ain’t it? I completely agree that clearing the air is what should be done

    Oh I know what you mean Ritu but I guess one has to put extra efforts in coming off this habit,hai na?

  7. truly agree with you, I am like that I prefer picking up the fone and talking it out .. I dont like when i have a bust up with someone ..

    dont know whats going on to people but people jsut dont bother these days, and this is going ot hurt especially when i phone somebody in india its always first reaction 1s
    1. We were thinking of you, OKAY you can call ..
    2. We were about to call you — Really never happens

    if you tell them something its always Oh you shud have told us earlier .. Well guess what You were busy when i last caleld and then did not call back..

    As years go by I am becoming more of a Loner, I have stopped calling a lot of people back home and it seems it does not bother them too.. so there you go that was the relation we had all this time

    I always my fault or not my fault just call up and try to clear the air, I dont like losing friends whatever reasons and it hurts me a lot and i spend a lot of time thinking and this i hate …
    Yes SPEAK UP.. no harm in that

  8. I so agree. And I am the sort of person who has to talk it out. I can’t not talk it out and sort out things tidily. And that also has it’s pitfalls 😦 Not everybody wants to discuss and sort out things, sometimes..

  9. it is one of the things I believe in..in speaking up and confronting face to face. saves a lot of heartache and misunderstandings

    and headaches too 😉

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