New Segment

I tend to wander in my thoughts quiet often, oh you too? Good to know that I’m not the only one 🙂

Usually this happens when I’m alone, travelling, trying to sleep or sometimes read books and oh yes while I’m in the bathroom and yes you guessed it right-there as well! [What after all it’s said that the best of the thoughts occur only ‘there’!!!] Anyway, so whenever I’m on the thoughts train it takes me down the ‘past’ lane and I’m left remembering some good-bad-ugly incidents from there. These are the thoughts from my past which I’m not able to walk past by!

I thought of penning them down as and when they cross my mind in the present so that sometime when I need some nice piece of advice I can read these posts and pick some gyaan from my own experiences. What better way to learn, I say!  And yes you too can pick something from it, why not?

I think I’ll dedicate a section for this and shall call it “Bhooli Dastayein”!! As in woh bhooli dastan lo fir yaad aa gayi…. what you think? Or do you have some mast name for it? Drop in…


13 thoughts on “New Segment

  1. Dont have a name but yeah I do what you do, I usualy get lost in my thoughts of what was and what is .. or how things could change ..

    that is usually when i am alone and laterly I have found talking ot myself 🙂 which is scaring me now I am getting weireder and wieder I think …


  2. Your blog has become a tad too philosophical and started going way over my head 😦

    aiing? what’s philosophical in this one? 😦 you kinda telling me that you won’t be interested in coming here any more? 😦 You better not think that!! hmmpf

  3. i think its better to just post your thoughts in the main blog. people hardly make the effort to go to some tab to read.

    I too thought so later..and hence didn’t create one yet..shall just create a category for it 🙂

  4. Put it on baby…..we are here to read !!! 🙂 🙂 Remembering the past and writing is damn gud……but just make it a tag and write it here itself na….

    I was thinking the same after doing this post 🙂 thanks for helping me finalize it 🙂 See I told you you’re the best !!!

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