Little Human Being

Conversations with little human beings can be so amusing at times and they can also teach you a thing or two about human emotions…

The day chirpy was born my SIL was with me in the hospital and her two girls were at home who were supposed to come in the evening. While they were convinced [with difficulty!] to wait till the evening to see their new group member of girl’s gang they were still very eager to know what was happening this side of line…the younger niece was ready with 10 questions each call she was making in the interval of every 15 mins! Let’s call her A2 [the elder being A1]

A2: Aai what are you doing?

SIL: I’m helping Kaku [Aunt in Marathi] to take care of Chirpy

A2: what’s Chirpy doing?

SIL: She is right now sleeping 🙂

A2: What does she look like? Like Kaka [Uncle in Marathi] or Kaku??

SIL: Kaku !

A2: What colour is she?

SIL: ?????

A2: I mean is she dark,fair or fairer ???

SIL: [sighing oh like that!] She is fair !

A2: Is she fairer than me?

SIL: Sigh Sigh Sigh !!!

So the conversation continued for some more time on the questions like these…though this convo sounded cute it also made it very clear that A2 was feeling insecure.

Insecurity comes in so easily to us whatever the age. It’s not the grown ups propriety to feel insecure..little kids might not know how to pronounce it or can’t name the feeling but they do feel insecure especially when a new baby arrives in the house!

Finally,when A2 came to the hospital to meet us she was very excited and happy to see the new girl in our family but while going she held H’s hand and asked him:

Kaka she is very cute but now that she is here will you stop picking me up in your arms / playing with me?


11 thoughts on “Little Human Being

  1. WOWOW.. God bless A2… SO what did Kaka reply.. 🙂 I hope he picked her up and said NO way 🙂 he he eheh
    How is chirpy doing she grown up now i mean more then yesterday 🙂 take care

    Well Kaka picked her up in his arms and gave her a sweet peck 🙂 assuring that she remains the same to him no matter what 🙂 Yeah Chirpy is growing bit by bit and ever day seems to be a new one 🙂

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