FEMINA and it’s deeds

It takes years to build a good name and few incidents like this and this to crash it to a bad one. Yes, I’m talking about the ‘big’ magazine FEMINA and it’s wrong doings !

I had thought I would not write about something that happened with me but Ritu’s post reminded me of it and I just could not stop myself from writing this.

People who read the magazine know that it offers free gifts with it’s 1,2 and 3 years’ subscription. I subscribed to it’s 1 year offer in September 2010. They also mention that the free gift shall reach to the customer within 6-8 weeks of the subscription date. Point noted!

What do you think happened with my free gift? Here is the story: I had to make around 50 calls to actually get that supposedly free gift which actually arrived in March 2011. I never knew 6-8 weeks was that long or my math is poor?

What bothers me is this:

>You don’t stick to your commitment of delivering the gift in said time-BAD

>You don’t care to inform that you’ll be unable to deliver within said timeline and inform the new one-VERY BAD

>I’ve to call you so many times to check about the gift and I’m being answered by your employees in   ‘we-are-so-busy-please-don’t-disturb-us’ tone-PATHETIC

Sigh ! The big names and their deeds !


6 thoughts on “FEMINA and it’s deeds

  1. yeah i heard about the incident with Ritu.. and now you have put this up, Wow well now we know how they have made there money .. by promising people and luring them to take subscriptions and not doing there bit..

    sad but true 😦

    a similar thing happened with me CARLING a beer company had a offer that with every case they were giving a beer glass, I had a few cases so i sent them 6 coupons, hoping ot get 6 glasses .. They did not respond back for a few months but later sent me a letter saying Sorry they have run out .. and instead sent me a 50pence coupon to be off when i buy more..You go to a shop and there are still cases with the offer on.. so I had a fit of fury I wrote a letter and sent back them there 50p, I mean if i can afford to buy 6 cases of beer I can surly afford to pay 50pence 🙂

    hawww! Of course that was kind of fooling,huh !

    this is how they make money by lieing and making a fool of the customers ..

    see na 😦 jabki they depend upon the customer base only!

  2. How awful! They make you feel like you are begging for their gift when all you are doing is asking for what was promised to you. They’re acquiring a very bad brand image..

    exactly as if they are being merciful by sending me that ‘free’ gift,huh !

  3. not just this, they offer what is available not what was assured at the time of subscription. I am a victim having renewed on 13 March 2011, still waiting.

    sheesh ! they should really think of concentrating on their image which is soon getting tarnished!

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