How real is reality?

Everyone is aware of the reality shows these days. We have a reality show for everything..for getting married,for exchanging mothers,for living in a house for days cut out from the outside world,for singing and dancing and for doing things which one has never seen or thought in life et name it and they have it !

So what all goes behind the scenes of these reality shows? All that drama[??] and the fights are real or administered? Do the people get paid for it or the incidents really really take place at that very moment? Is it all nautanki ? I mean it puts the viewer in dilemma for sometime whether such things really happen..such people really exist ?

One of my friends shared this video from X-factor on Facebook…

You must view this video to know what I ‘really’ want to say…does it not seem like some nautanki going on there? While it all makes you laugh it also makes you ponder sometime that what’s being shown is real or just created to increase the TRP ?

On the second thoughts how does it matter whether it is real or not as long as it is carrying the entertainment value with it,nahi?


11 thoughts on “How real is reality?

  1. Oh I’ve never thought reality tv is real. Far from it…scripted to the max I reckon and also done in a way to get certain reactions from the contestants. I think I’d done a post along these lines a long time ago too…

    I think on the same lines too PB 🙂

  2. Its a Show Business.. thats all it is Nu.. see it.. shut it .. forget it .. Reality is a dirty business thats why we say Truth hurts 🙂 so if we are lauging then it sure is not a reality …

    yeah you’re right 🙂

  3. Nt able to see the video, but I actually can’t care less 🙂

    don’t care but watch this video please 🙂 it’s a cracker I’m telling you 🙂

  4. Nahii! I watch roadies, and though I know all of it is made up I refuse to believe it, because how else do I get entertained 😦

    hahaha I like that 🙂 well I used to watch Raodies some time back.. especially the selection process 🙂

  5. Oh, it’s all scripted for the entertainment and for the TRPs!! And I can’t stand the nataunki even for a second on these Reality Shows.

    see na…they’re are all people who have all the time in the world to waste ! 😛

  6. nope, i dont watch reality shows. so cant comment 🙂

    good that you don’t watch them..but do check this video..its’ hilarious 🙂

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