On being a mother

One of the pleasant gifts I received here on being a mother  is this mommy tag 🙂 [I’m yet to write about the other happy things these blog dosts have done for me :)]Thanks a lot Comfy dearest for tagging me..this is my first mommy tag and I’m very happy taking it up 🙂

In this tag I’ve to list 5 learning that I learnt on being a mother…I’m a very new mom and I’m still learning to learn a lot about motherhood.Being a mom is something different..don’t have a word for it right now..but I shall find that soon ! So far these are my learning and I’m sure with time this list is going to increase 🙂

#1: Learning the meaning of MOTHER: Model of Trust,Healer,Eternal Lover and Responsible human being.Being a mother is actually making me realise what a ‘mother’ stands for her child. She’s just not any random member of the family but more than that. Even a tiny child can distinguish a mothers’ touch from others’.Chirpy when wailing finds comfort only when she is touched and held by me or she hears my voice. I realise that my voice soothes her and that she trusts me for her life.

#2: Wordless Language:does exist in mommy’s world.When your baby isn’t evening cooing you still understand by looking at her and observing her that she is hungry or she needs to be rocked or she is sleepy. And when your baby starts cooing you can listen beyond those cooing sounds..you can communicate with your baby even before teaching her how to talk. Chirpy taught me to talk without words and that the babble is not a random spurt of consonants and vowels but a communication that she is holding on with me.

#3:Being a mother: I’m sure every female who is a first time mommy has her own doubts and dilemma’s about this new role in life.It bring in change in every quadrant of a woman’s life and for good. Despite of knowing that things are going in the right direction sometimes we mothers are sceptic about a thing or two. But the child actually teaches you to calm down and take one thing at a time. Chirpy taught me to be a mother..on whom she would want to depend upon and would love to cosily tug at when things are not fine..that I need to relax to calm her down in turn..to love her even when she is not asking for it..to be there with her in all the phases of life..to be her pillar on which she can lean on whenever she wants to ...After all she only earned me this title of a mother 🙂

#4:For being selfless:Agree or not there is this one bit [or more :P] of ‘me-ness’ hidden in each one of us. But once the baby comes in,this me-ness vanishes effortlessly.You know that the baby comes first no matter what. I was to get my hair straightened but the efforts and time that I would require to put in to get that done would be at cost of keeping Chirpy away and ignored. Of course I dropped that idea ! There are foods I can kill for but since they would hurt Chirp’y little stomach I’m staunchly avoiding them!!! Chirpy has taught me that there is someone else before my own self ! 

#5:Being thankful: Chirpy’s arrival taught me to be thankful to the almighty for sending in a happy and healthy baby,thankful to my mom for being such a great mother to me and thanking life for being sunshiny and kind on me for letting me experience this baby and happiness !!!

I’ve to pass on this tag to 5 mother bloggers…let me see who else is left 😉

Suranga: I know there would be more than 5 learning and we would all love to hear that from a wise soul like her 🙂

Smitha: For me she is a role model apart from Comfy..she helps me off the the blog to calm down and look at the brighter side of everything,again just like comfy 🙂

Varsh: I know she is not an active blogger these days but she is a mom of a 3 year old and I’m sure she will have lots to share too 🙂

AlwaysHappyKya: Would love to hear more pappu stories girl 🙂

Ummm who else ??? Well girls see we have dearth of mommy bloggers so you better get going,you know whom I’m pointing at 😉 lol


22 thoughts on “On being a mother

  1. Great post . I have often wondered, what might be coursing through the mind of the baby on a sudden arrival into a complicated world, and how , even after sensing so many folks around her (as happens in an Indian context), she is able to relate and convey so many things only to her mother ! (Yes, I’ve known fathers also who sense such things from a child). Amazing .

    exactly what I meant above…baby and mother’s relationship is beyond explanation 🙂 I’m glad I took this step to wonderland 🙂

  2. Its so lovely to read all these Nu….u transported me to my days of being a new mom…. 🙂 Hugs and muahs to mom and Chirpy… 🙂

    Chirpy says thank you perima 🙂 HUGs Ums 🙂

  3. 🙂 You have inspired me to calm down my nerves esp. while dealing with my little one. I was loosing it a bit in the past couple of weeks esp. with his tantrums and screams and stubborn attitude….but now im gonna take a step back and be that pillar of strength. Thank you:-)

    I’m glad you felt like this 🙂 HUGS!!

  4. yeah yeah i get the message in your last line;)

    don’t know about others but you got the message right…so let’s start with you only 😛

  5. Wordless language is so true. One look and we know what’s going on. Hunger, potty, sleep, stroll or just cuddle 😀

    is it not? 🙂

  6. Wowww…you put it beautifuly….and I’m glad you tagged me ‘se this is one tag that I’d love to take up.

    If you ask me…honesty…I didn’t ask myself so many questions…you know…on how will I manage and feel about being a mother….I just knew one thing…I’d know what to do when the time comes…and I did!! 😀

    Rest in my tag 🙂

  7. Hey Scribby..I came to your blog via one of your comments..
    I just loved this post..I remember how much I used to yearn to get back to my mom when I’m irritated..
    Now waiting to be a Mom to understand what my mother must have felt seeing me crying for her 🙂

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