About being married, plump and happy

In conversation with my masseuse today about plumpness and putting on:

Me: Sheesh I really need to lose lot of weight.

Her: Areh but you don’t look so odd with all this flab,you look good 🙂

Me: Are you crazy ???

Her: I mean with this height and all it suits your personality.

Me: Personality? Do I even have one today???? 😦 You don’t know anything cause you haven’t seen me earlier.

Her: How thin were you ? This much only nah? *referring to our ‘typical’ couple photo on the wall-taken just after a year of our marriage*

Me: No even thinner than this one..I mean before I got married you see.

Her: And bhaiya has also put on a lot *again referring to the same photo*

Me: Yeah he has too,sigh !!

Her: That’s because you guys are very happy in your marriage…[in her words: tum dono ko shaadi ekdum jam gayi hai]

Me: What’s that logic?

Her: Those who are happily married are plump and keep putting on…so this is an indication that you guys click..there is nothing to be sad about it,you should be happy !

Me: sigh,sigh,sigh !!!!!

Did you too hear about this logic before or any other logic ? Sigh,if this is true I would ‘happily’ agree to remain plump 🙂


43 thoughts on “About being married, plump and happy

  1. I agree. I remember some yrs ago was in a relationship and both put on weight and after the break up, both lost weight! 😛 You tend to eat more in good company is my theory! 😀

  2. LOL. By that logic I and H click too 😀 Don’t even remind me of how thin I was before marriage 😦 I was a size 4 and now I am a size 14. Waaaaaah :((

  3. ROFL — i completely agree with you! Only, recently, i’ve been losing a lot of weight, while the husband’s been gaining them — i guess though, if we stick to average “couple” weight, we’re cool 😀 😀 😀

  4. Ooooh!!
    I get that a LOT!!
    Since both the BF and me were sooper thin before the marriage, it is assumed that we must be VERY happy to be together.
    I’m not liking that logic, but in some warped way, i think it makes sense 😀

    PS: I wish I could get a massage myself 😦

  5. Wah! What logic.. No wonder people keep asking me ‘Hows married life’. In my current form, they probably suspect I am leading a sad, abused and unhappy life 😀

  6. Hain? By this logic I am very very very happy and D is not happy at all since he still at the same weight in all the years we have known each other. 😥

  7. wah! What logic!! 😀

    my reasoning – as long as you are happy with your weight and plumpness – keep it
    The day you grow unhappy or unhealthy – lose it! 😛 😀

  8. This isn’t fair at all. My pati-dev is one of those who never gain weight. Ever… Sigh! What hopes of happiness do we have now?

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