The Name Game

After reading Tiku’s post I felt like reading my own story that’s just begun few days back.

When Chirpy was still in my tummy we had decided that we would name the baby as per the astrological ‘akshar’-be it whatever. People at that time also interfered and gave us some gyaan on how we should not be so particular on naming our child with the astrological letter and how it would be difficult for us to find one exactly matching the letter and so on. Nevertheless, we got the letter on her birth and the hunt for the name started.

As every one had put it, the letter that her birth chart had prescribed was a bit tough to find a decent name…no actually not that tough but my conditions made the search a bit strenuous, like the name should be unique,meaningful and a longish traditional one. Yeah all these criteria to name a tiny little being,sigh !

So after lot of discussion and debate between me and H,we came up with the final name [from a long list of suggestions] for Chirpy.It’s a Sanskrit word which sounds lovely and has a beautiful meaning to it. But there was a shade of surprise,disappointment and fun in people’s tone who were present at the ceremony.

Surprise because no one had heard such a name.[trust me neither did I ;)]

Disappointment because they thought it’s a tough name and they can’t even remember it for long.[Sigh!!!]

Fun because they thought this isn’t a kind of name and we should still consider a change of it before we get it documented.[A big sigh]

Any way but we were sure of the name and we stuck to it-till date 😉 and the reason is simple-we loved the sound of it,the meaning and it suits our daughter pretty much ! But there are plenty of reactions that we keeping getting on telling her name to people around….some of the typical ones are as follows:

‘what??? Come again…is this a name? really?’

‘aiing? *and they’ll mispronounce it so many times and still not get it right!!!*

‘Are you kidding? Is this her name? Okay tell me the one which is her real name…’

‘Why do you want such complex name for her? She’ll hate you guys for this when she grows up!!!’

‘We’re not going to call her by this one.period’

‘I’ll never get it right in this life at least ! Let me christen her on my own’

‘Never heard of it,where did you dig for this? Did you not get any simpler one?’

‘Her teacher will take ages to get it right and call her…and her peer will find it so difficult to make friends with her because this tough name’

‘OMG whaaaatttttt? You can’t be serious !!!’

And it goes on and on and on…from maids to acquaintances to neighbours to relatives to friends and even the family! So we’ve been facing this flak since the day we named her !

What we have to say is this:Yes it’s a unique name but not difficult.Yes you have never heard of it but it’s a name in our language [Sanskrit] which should not make it any difficult for you to pronounce it.Yes it’s longish but certainly not a tongue twister.

What I really don’t appreciate about people is pestering. I don’t mind you suggesting me something but then if you are insisting on me listening to you-is out of question unless what you’re saying clicks with me. So thank you people that you suggested and fore warned us about what harm [?] this name could bring to us and eventually our daughter but no thank you for your continuous checking whether we thought of changing the name or not-even after telling you strictly in stern voice that THIS is the name!

I know for sure that Chirpy will face some difficulties in telling people her name because of their attitude and resistence to anything new and different….especially when people have to write it…generally people are pretty poor in their spelling formation for simpler words so they can make a disaster of Chirpy’s name but we are going to make her understand this and prepare her for the same. I’m sure when she grows up she’ll love her name for the uniqueness and meaning of it 🙂

P.S. I have to mention that a 3 year young boy [my friend’s son] on listening to Chirpy’s name didn’t get it in the first go but he didn’t let it go until he got it right.He tried and in the third time he got it.I liked the spirit and enthusiasm of that little chap…are the grown-ups listening? And if a three year-er can get it right then I don’t see any harm for grown ups to spell and pronounce it as it should be!

P.P.S. All of you who sent in lovely names to me-thank you so very much dearies ! I appreciate that !

By the way don’t get me wrong here for being fussy about naming but I’ve heard,experienced and believed that whatever the name it has little or more effect of it’s meaning on the person. Hence the quest for finding a meaningful name and not just a name starting with the prescribed letter.


35 thoughts on “The Name Game

  1. I doubt if she will have a problem .. whatever name had you given there would have been a problem .. end of .. you cant make everyone happy end of the day ITs you – hubby and the little one whoi should be happy …

    I can bet had you put any name you would have still got the similar reaction .. I am glad you and H gave the name you liked and not on someones say.. It should be the parents who shud be giving the name not anyone else thats my beleif..

    God bless the little one and I m sure everyone will jsut get used to the name after there tantrums will fail .. 🙂

  2. I love love Chirpy’s name 🙂 and the short one for it and the little girl! Naming is so much fun, but I too feel it should be just between the parents and the child, I know of a few friends who found their names so funny or called funny and teased, so they changed it legally.. It seems that my parents took a lot of flak after naming me, but lol and behold, it set a tradition going, and many of my cousins and their children are named longish, traditional names 🙂

    Wait for her to start chirping, and write about her love-hate for her name 🙂 Friends will come up with n number of short ones for her 🙂

    Mwaaaaaahs to Chirpy and her chirpy mom 🙂

  3. She has a beautiful and a very meaningful name…I told you that already, didn’t I? She will definitely be so proud of her name when she grows up..for its uniqueness and the meaning…no doubts there. ::)

  4. Thanks for mentioning my post Scribby and chirpy is a lovely name. Well she is unique so got to have a unique name. 😉 There is stage when kids develope a dislike for their name sometimes but proper introduction to it by parents helps in many way. My younger son’s name is mispronounced all the time .Shubhang is difficult but shubhangi is not lol . Many dont know the meaning and some know it has some religious significance . those who have read vishnu sahastranam know. He is happy with it and so are we, what the world thinks is their problem..
    Only trouble is when people fill forms , they always misspell it. 🙂
    anyway I guess it is a good thing to have meaningful names . love to Chirpy and a biiiiiiig hug to both of you.

    1. Tiku chirpy is my daughter’s blog name 😉 shall email you the actual one 🙂

      I’m glad Shubhang is happy with his name 🙂

      HUGS right back Tiku 🙂

  5. From the sound of it, am sure she’ll be gaga about her name.
    Everyone else can go sulk about what a boring name they have 😀 😀 😀

    Psssst: what is the name? 😀

  6. I love Chirpy’s name! And I am sure that when she grows up, she will love it more for the thought and effort you put in to decide her name. As for long or short, etc, etc, etc.. Well, when it is you who name her, it has to be a name that matters to you. As you say, if a 3 yr old could manage, surely, us grownups can too?

    Hugs!! And I love the name Chirpy too 🙂

  7. Naming a child is not easy and in the end parents name the kids something because they love the name. Once done, I don’t see any reason for anyone to go about making negative comments about the name.

    I had my own set of criteria while naming Buzz. Got a lot of flak from people about it. But I am happy with the name and I hope Buzz will be too as she grows up.

    And I am sure Chirpy will love her name as well. And that is what is important right?

    1. that’s exactly my point…why other have to interfere I don’t understand !!! Specially when we don’t do that to you,you’re not supposed to poke your dirty nose !!!!

      Oh Buzz’s name is fab..didn’t I tell you that the other day ? I love the name and it suits little angel 🙂

  8. When I read Chirpy’s name first, I said it wrong. And I didn’t even realise I was saying it wrong for a while. And then I happened to read it again at a later point. It took me a little bit of practice to say it correctly, after I read the hindi version you put up. So I always thought the name was very unique and lovely, but yes, I also thought it was a little difficult.

    People are cruel, they ruin the most perfect names too. So with a name as unique as hers, people might give her a hard time.

    But you know what? None of all this matters. The name you choose should be entirely your choice. My sister’s name is kind of unique and most people don’t get it right the first time either, but she loves her name now. I am sure it will be the same with Chirpy.. 🙂

    I think you shouldn’t even bother giving any explanation to anybody who pesters you. They’ll learn to shut up when they see you are not responding..

    1. I like that honesty peppy and I don’t mind people saying that it’s difficult since it’s probably never been heard..but what irritates me that they refuse to try to listen carefully and then pronounce it ! Stubborn Minds you see !!!

      yeah as long as parents love their children’s name the work is done 🙂

      I’ve started doing just that peppy…I don’t pay a heed now to their suggestions and objections 😀

  9. you didn’t take any of my or the other girls “innovative” suggestions for her name !!!… – yes it is unique, has a beautiful meaning, tough to say, tougher to spell – but i love it cozx it’s chirpy’s name!

    1. YAY for the reason why you love it but I’m saying it again…It’s not tough 😀 practice it daily by calling her [me that is!!!] which you don’t do…BTW this remind me that I was supposed to get a call from someone last week 😦

  10. I have a really complicated name and I hated it every single time anyone mis-pronounced it as a child/ teenager.

    Now, I love my name. No one ever forgets it. I always get email accounts or user names immediately and I know how beautiful it sounds when I hear other people say it.

    Its ok for everyone to have an opinion because honestly, its an opinion that doesn’t really count.

  11. People did a “whaaat , you can’t be serious for my son’s name as well (Venkatesh)”. We are not even from south 🙂 Whatever be the reason, people have to stick with the names their parents give them 😀

  12. Well there was a lot of debate before i was name. Reh Handed is not my real name you wud knw :P…

    Chirpy is a very cute name i must say.,.. Really cute. and sounds so adorable and loved when coming from her mother…real cute! 🙂

  13. OMG! You and I do have a lot in common! I too decided to name my son as per the alphabet in his patri. But was not satisfied with the ones that were available and also my then Inlaws dint like it so had to change it. After a year of vascillating between 20-30 odd names I gave up. My mom asked her Guru to suggest a name for him. He gave him a name which happens to be one of the most common names on the planet! I was like I cannot do this to my son and I cannot go against his wishes so what to do? I added 2 alphabets to its end turing it into a pure sanskrit word! It has a nice meaning and the name is different too. Although people presume its the first half of the name the moment I start pronouncing it. And im like NO. There is MORE to it and yes it is DIFFICULT. But my son can pronounce his name and im happy with that:-)
    Heres to unique, difficult and sanskrit name:-)

  14. Oh, I get that a lot with my name as well – both the blog name and the real.

    Take care – am sure your daughter’s name is beautiful, and so long as you both (mommy-daddy) know what’s good for her, I don’t think anything else matters.

    But do let me know what the name is (offline) :-), so I can go gaga googoo over it. 😉

  15. IMHO, based on my sister’s and mine very bad personal experiences, (reema is my pet name) I think parents should think twice before burdening their kids with a tough to spell and pronounce name just because they found it unique and meaningful or because it is a typical name of their community. (didi and I have typical bong names which is fine in kolkata but not where we lived and studied our entire lives) Parents mean well but the kids have to face lots of problems.

    1. well I don’t totally disagree with you but I still believe naming the child is not just thinking about finding out short and sweet names but the names which have meaning too…they have some or the other effect on the child,I’m telling you 🙂 So to avoid future problems for child one might go for meaningful names which are short and sweet 🙂

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