Title less

Overheard yesterday: conversation between 2 lads about new KFC outlet in the city.

Boy1:  यह KFC क्या है ? [what KFC?]

Boy2:  अरे यह एक खाने की जगह है | [This is an eating joint]

Boy1: क्या क्या मिलता है यहाँ पर ? [What all do we get here?]

Boy2: यहाँ पर न बहुत प्यारा chicken मिलता है..बहुत प्यारा वाला | [We get ‘lovely’ chicken over here]

*did you notice the ‘pyara wala’ adjective ??? How commonly do we use this word ‘pyara’ for anything and everything like food,pets,clothes,movie,people et al? What’s the correct Hindi word required here in the above conversation ?? Anyone?*


H’s take on the title of the movie KANK-when he is in his best of best comic moods 😀

H: Which CD is this ?*picking up the CD which was lying on the computer table and reading the title-before I could answer*

H: Oh ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna’…..okay नहीं कहेंगे ऐसे ही भाग जायेंगे |

Me: *startled at the PJ*


29 thoughts on “Title less

  1. Agar shudh hindi mein kaha jaye, to ‘swaadisht’

    You’re looking at something colloquial, then I guess it’s ‘mast’…”Kya mast chicken milta hai yahan’ ;-)))

  2. Pyara chicken??? Really?? My Hindi was always Hinglish but even I wouldn’t use ‘pyara’ chicken…thought it would be ‘mast’ or ‘badhiya’. Oh well. And lol at H’s PJ…

  3. pyara wala chicken! People would laugh at this type of Hindi 😀 I think it could be mast aur badhiya chicken. Lol at the pj. I did something similar. There was a CD lying on the table and I asked my friend which CD it was. She said – Kaho Na Pyaar Hai and I kept saying kya, acting as if I didn’t hear that until she got it. 😀

  4. pyara !!!perhaps the chicken was cute looking or something with dimples !!!
    U know what we have a new colleague who uses pyara in the same fashion and i used to think he is the only idiot doing so – lekin mujhe lagta hai duniya mein aur bhi bahut se “pyare waale” log hai 🙂
    some examples I have heard – aaj mausam bahut pyara hai, jagjit singh bahut pyara gaata hai (poor jagjit singh !!), bahut hi pyaari ppt banayi hai … etc etc
    its funny, weird and sick at the same time

  5. Bahut ‘ sahi’ chicken 😛 ! That’s not perfect, but it’s more of a slang, but definitely better than ‘pyara wala’ :))!
    LOL at H!

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